Renders Thad unable to breathe every. single. time.

Beginning through 3:00 minutes. . .Thad can barely breathe. Last night he turned purple, I promise. He watched it about ten times.


Renaissance Sights

Each year the Texas Renaissance Festival (click at your own risk. . .video and loud bagpipe music ahead) is attended by thousands. . .literally. There are die hards who live for it, make costumes for it, plan for it.

The day we went there were 32,000 there and that was just one day of one weekend. The kids and I had never been, Tony hadn’t been in years, and I can tell you right now that Thad will NOT be going as a teenaged boy. The wench costumes and chain-mail slave costumes are NOT for those with hormones surging. As it stood, he was only interested in his wooden sword this year. I’m not really a festival kind of gal, but it was a gorgeous fall day, and the kids had a good time with Tony’s parents and us too. The entire thing is 54 acres. We saw about 10. Here are some of the sights. . .


So here’s the deal. I am in need of changing my blog address. If you care to continue finding my blog should I ever again post, drop me a line at my e-mail address you already have, leave a comment with YOUR e-mail address should you so choose, or contact me at langley(dot)roxanne(at)gmail(dot)com and say,

“Send me your new address, sister.”

It changes Thanksgiving day-ish. Gobble, gobble.


Fall is upon me. Never mind that I live in Texas where leaves may or may not turn a color other than brown or green. Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I prefer pastels and frilly things, but give me a good batch of autumnal leaves and a chilly wind any day. It does my spirit good.

It also does a number on my emotions. Always has. . .this season rips me open, turns me inside out, shakes me, and then dumps me at the door of December. What is up with that?

Luke and Leia

October 31, 2009 021_640x480

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

October 31, 2009 005_640x480

Jedi in training

October 31, 2009 023_640x480

Happy Leia

October 31, 2009 024_640x480

Game face

October 31, 2009 022_640x480

Use the Force, Luke.

October 31, 2009 Luke BW

A little frightening

Didn’t spend a dime. . .cobbled it together from things in the house–my turtleneck for Thad, his Daddy’s socks on over his tennis shoes “strapped” up with cream ribbon from my aunt–a Cleopatra dress for Victoria with a turtleneck over the top and a wide white ribbon I wore as a belt in high school. Thad’s well-used, much-loved el-cheapo light sabers, and we were good to go. We even had the whole brother/sister vibe going on.