Fall is upon me. Never mind that I live in Texas where leaves may or may not turn a color other than brown or green. Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I prefer pastels and frilly things, but give me a good batch of autumnal leaves and a chilly wind any day. It does my spirit good.

It also does a number on my emotions. Always has. . .this season rips me open, turns me inside out, shakes me, and then dumps me at the door of December. What is up with that?


13 thoughts on “Upon

  1. Fall is happy. You’re scaring me with the no-color thing though. I thought Texas had lots of fall colors!! We’re heading out there post-haste, and I want a real fall and winter when I get there, dang it.

    • Notice that I said may or may not. . .there are years that it is breath-taking, but there are no snow storms in September–you get to enjoy the beautiful weather. . .and the hill country is GORGEOUS. Come on down. (or. . .down and then over.)

  2. I love fall best too. There is a sense of drama, winds blowing, colors changing, and there’s a big harvest.
    Your Husband is commenting on your blog, so I think he’s doing it right 🙂

  3. So I didn’t know that that stupid square would be there next to my comment. It looks like someone messed up while trying to make a paper snowflake… on purple paper. Just get the Liquid Paper and blot it out on your computer monitor. Roxanne, show me how to get rid of that thing.

  4. Well, it is now your “marker” and will appear everytime you comment unless you set up an account and upload a photo for your avatar. I will see if I can change it to something more manly. . .maybe something in navy? Can’t do it until I get home. Despite your “comment calling card gone awry”, you have incited quite a bit of chatter in the comments. Everyone is impressed with you wading into the fray.

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