Choose Your Own Title

Even I don’t have the words for these photos.


4 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Title

  1. She got REALLY brave and did the “bungee jump” at the Renaissance Festival. You can see she was strapped in and attached to two sets of bungee cords, and there was a trampoline underneath her. The one of her against the sky were at least 25-30 feet in the air. I took them with my super duper zoom lense and posted them straight out of the camera. The last one is the only one I cropped. There was a guy who would use some hydraulic thing to lift the people up, then he would grab the cords, pull down and jump on the trampoline while hanging from the cords, then let go so they’d fly into the air. By the time she was done, she was doing the Wendy pose in the last photo. You can tell when she really started to get the hang of it.

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