Just Once in a Very Blue Moon

We drove back from Louisiana yesterday. . .and by the time we got close to home it was very, very dark and very, very foggy. But the moon was working overtime at being bright. It was shining right through the fog and mist. This morning, I was greeted by this article on my Yahoo browser.


AND this song is full of wonderful memories for Sarah and for me–though the memories are somewhat different as she listened to it in Abilene while I listened to it in Searcy.

Anyway, she’s the one that introduced me to Nanci Griffith. (The second song she sings is also one of my faves, but they cut it off mid-chorus. “More than a Whisper.”)

Speaking of Sarah. . .we set our own new “record” as we have gotten to see each other TWICE in 3 months this year!!! We were both in Louisiana at the same time, so we met at the old stompin’ grounds to walk and chat and go to Sonic. That was a gift in and of itself.

Enjoy the article and the video and the last day of 2009. And enjoy the Blue Moon wherever you are tonight.


Vocabulary. It’s a good thing.

Victoria was telling me about a wierd dream and she said, “This is just a brief version.” Thad got a cool Transformer and said, “Look. Optimus Prime deploys out of the back.”

The reading/language arts teacher in me is doing back flips.

Guest Blogging

My friend Jennifer has been counting down the Twelve Days of Christmas, but she miscounted, and started on day eleven. Anyway. . .she was traveling today, so she asked me to do day four. Go see my attempt at matching her other posts. . .and read her lists while you’re at it.

Around Magnolia

Historic, and original, depot. . .the floors in the warehouse are really cool.

Magnolia is not the town in which we live. . .there is no town in which we live. We live:
13 miles from one town
18 miles from the other
18 miles from a freeway
2 miles from the nearest milk
6 miles from the nearest gas station
13 miles from the nearest grocery story
28 miles from the nearest WalMart

But Magnolia is where we do lots of stuff. I happened to have my camera in the car last week. . .it was a beautiful day and everything seemed to have been scrubbed clean and then colored with new crayons.

The first thing I noticed were these leaves against the sky. The sun was hitting them in such a way that they appeared to be ablaze. . .but this photo doesn’t do it justice. To get the shot, I had to pull over in an odd spot, and then I got phone lines and. . .but you can get the idea.

Pretty leaves, pretty sky

The NEXT thing I saw was an American flag flapping in the breeze above the post office. Again–sun was hitting it just right. I got out of the car and snapped about 100 shots just because it was SO STINKIN’ FUN. A gentleman stood behind me whistling, waiting for me to finish. . .of course, the flag was about 30 feet up, so he wouldn’t have ruined the shot unless he had a cape on under his jacket.

Couldn’t decide which one I liked best. . .so you get three. Your favorite one is?

The rest are just other things I saw. . .

Just like it. . .

Magnolia recycles. . .festively.

. . .or had to wait for. . .

Very large and VERY, VERY, VERY fast

Cattle cars


And Magnolians take their town’s namesake SERIOUSLY.

A Magnolia magnolia. . .a small one, but still.

I thought this was so pretty. . .could be used in Louisiana or Mississippi too.

Someday I’ll make one of these. Lovely. (Click on photo to see it BIG for the details.)

Sampler hanging in the depot. . .I loved it.

Just Me

Here is where I spent a large chunk of the afternoon.

From my perch, wrapped up in The Rosy Blanket (Victoria named it thusly when she was 2–forsaken Santa pillow on the floor–sorry, Santa). I got to visit with two dear friends for a total of about 2 1/2 hours of time. . .and it was wonderful. . .and then I got to talk to my Momma from there too.

And here is me today. Hair on head–favorite gray sweatshirt jacket on–makeup, no lipstick–gazing into the mirror. . .and into myself. . .and through the view finder and, now, looking at you. 🙂 Off to walk. More photos later.

Me and my camera. I think it needs a name.