So, I don’t know if you’ve realized it, but Christmas is in like two weeks. Or less. Anyway, this time last year I not only had all of my shopping done, but it was also wrapped and boxed and ready to take to Momma’s for Christmas day. And I was in the final stages of getting this house built. And packing to move into it. And selling the other one. And teaching. And being Tony’s wife and Victoria and Thad’s mommy.

Alas, I used all of my energy for Christmas present AND Christmas future last year. I have been doing much shopping ONLINE over the past week preferring to keep myself to home as much as possible. However, today I ventured out into the great free enterprise system on which our country–and (some would say) this holiday–has been founded. I was not disappointed. I even got myself a new journal. And a yoga dvd. So there!

And while I was out, I went into Hobby Lobby where I saw THE MOST SPIRITED Salvation Army Bell Ringer of all time. This gal had about 10 teeth in her whole, entire head, but she was showing them all as she grinned and rang that bell and wished us *MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY* It was delightful. I told her not only was she full of Christmas Spirit but of God’s Spirit too. And she testified right there in front of Hobby Lobby.

It’s the holiday season.


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