Christmas Doin’s

We are doing a little Christmas here and a little Christmas there. It’s like a 12 days of Christmas, only for tired people.

We got our tree on Saturday. It’s a real tree people. . .it’s a Yankee tree. . .and it’s drinking water and it’s in my living room shedding. My husband is a tree purist. Please do not comment on the hazardous and needle-dropping nature of live trees. . .or of their slow, cumbersome demise in land fills. We turn it off at night, keep it watered, and will put it in our pine thicket (with its southern cousins) so the woodland creatures may use it for a habitation.

I convinced him last year to get a cheap pre-lit tree because a) we were about to move, b) we didn’t have time to get a real tree, c) no shedding. It was so incredibly offensive to him that he had TOTALLY blocked it from his memory. . .kind of like I’ve blocked from my memory where the last (and most important box) of Christmas ornaments could be. The tree languishes on the tippy-top shelf in the laundry room in a box.

Anyway. Our tree is going up in stages. At this rate, we may have it done by the day after Christmas. Saturday, we bought it and brought it home. Sunday we made a fresh cut and put it into a stand. Monday Tony strung the lights. Tuesday the kids put up the decorations I can find. Wednesday I tried to forget that I cannot find the last (and did I mention most important box) of ornaments. . .the ones I have given the children every year of their lives. They are somewhere. If you’ve seen them, please let me know.

I have also made some Chex Mix for Tony’s co-workers and it has been delivered in these lovely, red bags.

The Christmas village is alight. And now, I’m off to make hand-dipped pretzels. And not look for those lost Christmas ornaments.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Doin’s

  1. Real trees are so pretty, and they smell so good. Alas, there is no way no how my Fire Captain will ever agree to a real one… he sees too many ‘accidents.’

    And I do admit, I have no complaints about the pre-lit natures of our now 10-year artificial tree which has somewhere along the year(s?) lost it’s tippy top 12-inch component – leaving us improvising with a really creative way of attaching the star on top. Not that many in this family has noticed the top. They are most concerned with what they find under it. And in it… where I’ve found battling armies of Revolutionary War guys tucked on and between branches for the last 10 years.

    hm. This may have to become a post of its own. You have inspired me!

  2. Don’t tell Tony, but my pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is on my top ten list of favorite things. 🙂 I do admire a pretty real tree, though, and yours is definitely pretty.

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