Around Magnolia

Historic, and original, depot. . .the floors in the warehouse are really cool.

Magnolia is not the town in which we live. . .there is no town in which we live. We live:
13 miles from one town
18 miles from the other
18 miles from a freeway
2 miles from the nearest milk
6 miles from the nearest gas station
13 miles from the nearest grocery story
28 miles from the nearest WalMart

But Magnolia is where we do lots of stuff. I happened to have my camera in the car last week. . .it was a beautiful day and everything seemed to have been scrubbed clean and then colored with new crayons.

The first thing I noticed were these leaves against the sky. The sun was hitting them in such a way that they appeared to be ablaze. . .but this photo doesn’t do it justice. To get the shot, I had to pull over in an odd spot, and then I got phone lines and. . .but you can get the idea.

Pretty leaves, pretty sky

The NEXT thing I saw was an American flag flapping in the breeze above the post office. Again–sun was hitting it just right. I got out of the car and snapped about 100 shots just because it was SO STINKIN’ FUN. A gentleman stood behind me whistling, waiting for me to finish. . .of course, the flag was about 30 feet up, so he wouldn’t have ruined the shot unless he had a cape on under his jacket.

Couldn’t decide which one I liked best. . .so you get three. Your favorite one is?

The rest are just other things I saw. . .

Just like it. . .

Magnolia recycles. . .festively.

. . .or had to wait for. . .

Very large and VERY, VERY, VERY fast

Cattle cars


And Magnolians take their town’s namesake SERIOUSLY.

A Magnolia magnolia. . .a small one, but still.

I thought this was so pretty. . .could be used in Louisiana or Mississippi too.

Someday I’ll make one of these. Lovely. (Click on photo to see it BIG for the details.)

Sampler hanging in the depot. . .I loved it.


6 thoughts on “Around Magnolia

  1. All the pictures are great, but the flag pictures are just beautiful. The brillance of the colors are stunning. I am planning on taking my camera out to the farm with me, and so we’ll see if I get some good pictures to upload because I am running out of countdown ideas.

  2. I love this phrase “scrubbed clean and then colored with new crayons”. Perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite flag is the second one. Pictures like these make me jealous of where you live. And then I remember how close the grocery store is to me and I get over it. (hee!) I do love to visit, though.

  3. love the way Magnolia recycles! Flag shot #2 gets my vote and I love that your girl is wearing her LTC shirt under her robe! God is great! And have you ever noticed that your kids look alot like their dad? ๐Ÿ˜‰ MAN! No mistaking that!

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