Just Once in a Very Blue Moon

We drove back from Louisiana yesterday. . .and by the time we got close to home it was very, very dark and very, very foggy. But the moon was working overtime at being bright. It was shining right through the fog and mist. This morning, I was greeted by this article on my Yahoo browser.


AND this song is full of wonderful memories for Sarah and for me–though the memories are somewhat different as she listened to it in Abilene while I listened to it in Searcy.

Anyway, she’s the one that introduced me to Nanci Griffith. (The second song she sings is also one of my faves, but they cut it off mid-chorus. “More than a Whisper.”)

Speaking of Sarah. . .we set our own new “record” as we have gotten to see each other TWICE in 3 months this year!!! We were both in Louisiana at the same time, so we met at the old stompin’ grounds to walk and chat and go to Sonic. That was a gift in and of itself.

Enjoy the article and the video and the last day of 2009. And enjoy the Blue Moon wherever you are tonight.


Tell me what ya think.

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