And the very next night, there was an encore performance by The Sunset (producer: God). I missed tonight's--don't even know if it was spectacular or not (if it was, don't tell me), but here are the ones from Sunday. . .straight out of the camera--not even a little fiddle. This is the sunset through a …

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Sunset and Evening Star. . .

Lovely poem from which I stole my title is here: Crossing the Bar Thank you, Lord Tennyson. Last night, I looked up and saw through the trees that the sunset was going to be magnificent. Not too far away from us is a clearing where you can actually see the sky, as the sky nearest …

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Re-Post “Lover of Letters, Lover of Words”

Since my (blog worthy) words seem to have taken a vacation as of late< I'll repost from back (September, 2007) when I waxed poetic over my love of them . . . ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My dear friend over at Bringing Up Daisy has just ruined my life. I have loved letters since I was a VERY …

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