Right? Right.

*WARNING: This post is pensive. If you’re here to see action shots of my precious children, scroll down to “Happy 2010”. 🙂*

Tonight (January 1, 2010) I was working on categorizing my old posts. Here is my post from January 1, 2009.

Below is a post I did back at the very tippy end of September–the draft saved info says “last edited by Roxanne on September 28, 2009 at 6:53 AM.” I speak of sick children, and then I list all the things I did over my four day weekend I “got” (as though it were a gift) because the children were sick. And, quite truthfully, I really cannot remember having that much energy–or being that productive–or being able to juggle than many things at one time in recent history. And it was a mere 3 months and a handful of days ago.

As I read over them, I found that I used to be funny. I think. And I used to write. Like words. Obviously, that’s not been happening as of late. I keep trying to find them–the words–but they are lost to me right now. I put up pictures. . .the carriers of 1,000 words that I seem to have lost. . .in an effort to continue existing over here. So, read my words from September, and I’ll get back to seeing if I can find that gal and her words and her humor and her over-use of the dash. . .and the ellipses. She’s bound to be around here somewhere. Right?
Well, here I am. Took a break from grading papers to actually attend to this blog for a moment. Let me say that I HIGHLY recommend a four day weekend every week. I think we would ALL be much more rested AND productive. We will just, for now, ignore the fact that I have HAD this four days because both of my children are ill and I am burning up my days off as though I have a million to use and just go with the whole “4-day-weekends-are-great-concept.”

Last Friday I did absolutely NOTHING but take care of the sick girl and lay around with her. Oh–I made dinner, but that was about it.

Saturday I folded some clothes and thought about working and took care of the sick girl and played with the boy and helped Tony.

Sunday Thad woke up sick, so I had two children to monitor, but they shuffled along nicely after some Motrin and TLC, made a bunch of healthy quick breads, did several loads of dishes, excavated the kitchen counters AND the breakfast room table, sorted my school work so I could grade it, made lesson plans for the sub, you get the idea. Two days of not so much turned into a 3rd day of doing quite a bit BECAUSE, I knew that with two kids sick I would be home today–

Monday. And here I am. It’s 6:47 a.m. One child has been up, medicated, hugged, and is back to sleep. Saw Tony off to work, had breakfast, graded a set of papers and now this. And I haven’t even yawned.

A four day weekend. It’s a good thing. (Insert cheesy grin here.)——————————————————————–
(January 2, 2010) Still looking. . .


2 thoughts on “Right? Right.

  1. You’re getting there. I know you’ll find your words again, and in the meantime, pictures are “fine” (sorry, had to throw in the air quote version of fine). Just keep letting life envelope you and the words will come.

  2. We love you when you’re funny and when you’re not. You’re still you, either way. And I know what you mean about the scattery words. And even the times when the camera doesn’t seem helpful either. C’est la vie. I hope your times are more peaceable soon.

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