Long, long ago in northeastern Louisiana, a baby girl was born. A few years later in east Texas, ANOTHER baby girl was born. A few years later in California, a baby boy was born.

Unbeknowst to them, God would use their various choices and winding paths to one day bring about a seredipitous meeting of the two girls. After their meeting and ensuing friendship, the Louisana Gal would LEAVE the Texas Gal to move to the country. . .where Louisiana Gal would go to church with and befriend California Boy’s mom.

And God shook his head and winked. A twinkle shone from his eye, and a chuckle escaped deep from his chest, because the time had FINALLY come for Louisiana Gal to introduce Texas Gal to California Boy bringing about the age-old question/answer combo below:

And here they are with me–the Matchmaker–but it really was “a match made in heaven” ’cause the events leading to me being in the right place at the right time to meet either of these people. . .and then having the moxy to introduce them (I didn’t even KNOW Greg’s name until the night I waltzed up to him and said, “I have a friend named Jennifer. . .wanna go out with her?”) thereby setting in motion the following explosion of pink and green decor for their WEDDING SHOWER was TOTALLY not my doing, but God’s. Seriously.

The Happy Couple with The Nosy Friend

Oreos for the Bride--long story--but a necessity.
(Except, Jennifer, I just now realized I forgot to put the peanut butter out with them. Sorry.)

The Happy Couple, the Moms, and Grandma Betty

The thing is, and I now humbly confess, that back in July when I introduced them–over the course of the weeks and months as they began to fall in love–I was feeling pretty proud of myself. The hubris was boundless. I mean, I knew it was God’s doing, but how GREAT was it that ‘Lil ‘ole Me could assist the Creator of the Universe in this venture. Seriously. This HAD to be The Reason that Jennifer and I met–for me to be SO AWESOME and help her find her future husband. *Preen.Crow.Jump back and kiss myself.*

And God, again, shook his head.

But this time, a tear trickled down His cheek and a sigh escaped from His chest. Worry creased His brow. You see, God knew that
*I* had no idea the crisis looming before me–the events already set in motion to sweep down on me like a hurricane stripping away my hubris and my moxy and my strength.

I had no idea that I would need Jennifer way more than she needed me. I had no idea that she would be at my house vacuuming my carpet and scrubbing my toilets when I was incapable of doing anything but sleep. I had no idea that she would take up a daily e-mail vigil–an hourly check-in system–to keep tabs on me and my rapidly accelerating slide into emotional mayhem and exhaustion. I had no idea that for the first time in my married life, I would need someone to go buy groceries for my family in my stead, because even that task was too much. I had NO STINKIN’ IDEA. But God did. He knew that I would need her in ways that I had never imagined, and in ways only she could fulfill.

Yeah, that Creator of the Universe? He knows what He’s doin’.

Thank you, God. Thank you for loving us so deeply that you make the beautiful life you’ve given us all that much sweeter–that much richer– by the love, help, and companionship of friends. (And thank you for pink and green, and flowers, and Oreos too.)

My friend, Jennifer. She is (at the very least) ten kinds of awesome. The people who live in my house love her A LOT.

6 thoughts on “Happily

  1. First off, love the caption on the picture of Greg, Victoria, and me. That made me laugh HARD. Second, thank you for my husband (that sounds a little odd) and thank you for being my friend. God knew what he was doing when he made us friends. I am so glad that you (and the pink and the Oreos and the peanut butter) are there as Greg and I take this next step.

  2. I evidently missed some major developments along the way in Greg and Jennifer’s relationship. Congratulations to the happy couple! Very exciting, and thank you, Lord, for your amazing weaving of relationships to see us all through.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and green and white and the flowers and the bows, and paperbags, and the cupcakes, and the napkins and the bowl of punch…. YOU have a gift here, girlfriend.
    I have seen your Mother Daughter party decorations and birthdays and now this! Just beautiful!
    Congrats to Jennifer and her guy!

  4. She is talented, isn’t she. She is doing the flowers for my wedding, and I am BEYOND CONFIDENT that they will look just as perfectly wonderful as the shower decor.

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