The end. . .

. . .of spring break that is. It’s time to get back to work, ’cause between cleaning up the study and doing yoga and laundry and helping Tony unload and spread eight pallets of grass and cooking several meals and vacuuming and cleaning up the craft room and taking the car in for a 30,000 mile tune up, well it’s been nothing but laziness around here all week long.

It was a good spring break. We also rode bikes and watched movies and helped that puppy find a home and I wrote letters and ate icecream and Mexican food and stayed up late and made homemade waffles. If you’ve not had a spring break yet, hope yours is good–and if you don’t have children to necessitate a mandatory spring break, then take one just for the fun of it.



This is the LAST thing we need. . .this adorable, sweet, German Shepherd puppy showed up at our house about 48 hours ago. She is lost, I fear, but she has decided that we look enough like home that she would like to stay, thank-you-very-much. Victoria–an avowed dog hater like her Daddy (even though she likes Joss and puppies) has named her Zoe.

We are NOT keeping her, but if my husband were not so anti-dog, I’d keep her for my very own. I would, I would. Joss comes to visit, but this little girl would be mine. Alas, between the two kitties that are headed our way and the fact that Tony once held a 3 day old Cocker Spaniel puppy as though it were something a cat had yacked up, she will NOT be mine. BUT we put up signs to see if someone lost her, and if no one calls by Saturday, then I have a gal who will take her. Her female German Shepherd went missing back in January. Win/win.

You Tunes

New favorite song. . .found it listening to Pandora last week. Heard it on Wed. afternoon and had it downloaded and in my car by Thursday on the way to school. I’ve listened to it about a hundred times. LOVE IT.

Heard this for the first time in Academy the other night when I was buying a new pair of shoes. . .thought the voice was great, peppy tune, happy lyrics. . .had NO IDEA it was the lead singer from “Hootie and the Blowfish.” I looked for it today on Google. . .which led me to Youtube, and I was like, “Hootie!!!” Cool. (I know he’s not “Hootie”, but I always thought of him that way. . .)


February Snow. . .and a fire in the fire place.

Well, spring has sprung in Houston. . .more like exploded actually. We are normally two-three weeks into spring by this time, but it has been such a cold, cold winter here that spring didn’t show up until Wednesday.

On my way to school I see baby calves gamboling about, having breakfast, licking each other’s fuzzy, curly heads. Every branch has been dripping with birds, the oaks and field flowers and trees of various and sundry denominations are bursting forth with green and yellow and white. This tree is my favorite so far. . .a morning view and an afternoon one. Notice the shadow.

Morning Shadow

Evening Shadow

Spring’s arrival was just in time for my friend’s wedding.

It was outdoors and GORGEOUS–the day outdid itself. And EVERYONE was happy, happy, happy. Congratulations Greg and Jennifer!

One of the engagement photos I took of them at our house.

And, we are officially on spring break. . .hallelujah and also amen. I am not so much in favor of the earlier time change, but I AM in favor of having it be at the beginning of spring break. So. That’s that. Enjoy spring wherever you may be–whether it has arrived in your neck of the woods or is still a promise.

I'll be out in it with my camera.


It’s a (sort of) long story, but we are getting two kittens. They are just a few days old, so we’ve got until the end of April to wait–they were born to a stray that showed up at the house of one of my students.

We have been thinking about this for awhile. Thad really wants a cat. . .well, what he REALLY wants is a chihuahua, but that would have to live inside, and I can’t DO inside animals. They make me sick–like incapable of breathing through my lungs. Since we moved to the country, though, outdoor kitties (which is what these are. . .living in a shed at my student’s house) will be fine.

We will keep them in a Kittie Kondo until they are big enough to ward off any racoon or possum that might take an interest in them. . .we will have them “fixed” but the claws stay in. I wanted to get two so they could keep each other company. . .and by the time we get them at the end of April, spring will have sprung, so they will be fine in their outdoor home. In the mean time, we have chosen the little light gray, but are having trouble with the other one. I’m partial to the more mottled/blotchy ones than the two stripey ones. . .but they are all cute.

By the way, Thad was thrilled. Victoria still isn’t so sure. We decided to let the kids name them, but since The Girl’s verdict is still out, Thad has already chosen “Tiger” for a boy name, and either “Princess” OR “Buttercup” for a girl. We’re raising him right–he already knows that Robin Wright as “Pwincess Bwahaquahp” is a beauty. We’ll see where the names land after awhile.