February Snow. . .and a fire in the fire place.

Well, spring has sprung in Houston. . .more like exploded actually. We are normally two-three weeks into spring by this time, but it has been such a cold, cold winter here that spring didn’t show up until Wednesday.

On my way to school I see baby calves gamboling about, having breakfast, licking each other’s fuzzy, curly heads. Every branch has been dripping with birds, the oaks and field flowers and trees of various and sundry denominations are bursting forth with green and yellow and white. This tree is my favorite so far. . .a morning view and an afternoon one. Notice the shadow.

Morning Shadow
Evening Shadow

Spring’s arrival was just in time for my friend’s wedding.

It was outdoors and GORGEOUS–the day outdid itself. And EVERYONE was happy, happy, happy. Congratulations Greg and Jennifer!

One of the engagement photos I took of them at our house.

And, we are officially on spring break. . .hallelujah and also amen. I am not so much in favor of the earlier time change, but I AM in favor of having it be at the beginning of spring break. So. That’s that. Enjoy spring wherever you may be–whether it has arrived in your neck of the woods or is still a promise.

I'll be out in it with my camera.

2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Pretty South Texas spring wedding pictures.
    I love that you have a new bff – the the camera! Can’t wait to see more of your time together 🙂

    Spring is near here, I can feel it and I keep seeing signs that she has left as promise that she will be arriving for real very soon. Daffodils have sprouted here and there, and the flowering magnolia has fat buds ready to burst.

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