(The touch of yellow was a gift from Thad. His floral gifts always have to go into my hair. . .)

As you can see, the bluebonnets are in full bloom in Texas. And. . .they are blue. . .blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. There is no other way to describe them except to say that they are on the back side of purple. Victoria was in a Bible Bowl in Marble Falls, so we were treated to a drive through the hill country during full bluebonnet orchestration. On the way home today, we stopped to (finally) get some photos of the kids in the bluebonnets (as seen above). But, in the interest of full disclosure, and because it is always so easy to look at someone else’s idyllic photos and think, “Why can’t my kids ever behave when I take THEIR picture. . .Why can’t WE ever have a nice, family outing like that?” Well, you will notice that there is a shortage of photos of Thad. . .mainly because most of the photo shoot went a little something like this. . .

In the end, I got ONE really good one of the two of them together, and one, I suppose, is all I REALLY need.


7 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Yes. . .literally a pillow AND blanket of bluebonnets. . .and they are EVERYWHERE. And gorgeous. There is also Indian Paintbrush and Buttercups and Winecups and a lot of really brillian yellow daisies and Indian blanket and purple flox and blue-eyed grass and. . . it’s just pretty.

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