(This is what I get to see when I turn down our road each day.)

Spring is spring no matter where you roam. . .flowers blooming, trees beefing back up after their winter of barreness, birds twittering, calves frollicking. I DO love spring, and I don’t know if it was the late arrival or the really cold weather or what, but it seems to have outdone itself this year. Everything looks brighter–scrubbed clean–sparkly. Yes–spring is spring everywhere. . .but here are some photos of spring in Texas. . .at least our corner of it.

Wildflower mix. . .but now the buttercups have bloomed too. (Hwy 6 headed north)

Gorgeous park near the river in Marble Falls.

The roadsides are just awash with these yellow daisy-ish flowers. These are by my mailbox.

Red (Indian Paintbrush), Yellow (those daisies), Blue (bluebonnets)

Evening sun hitting some tender leaves in our back yard.


Blue-eyed grass on the roadside. Loverly

Tony's Formosa Azaleas in front of the house.

Look up

Late bloomer. . .

It LOOKS like untwisted paper ribbon, but it's a REALLY gnarled pecan tree. These last three trees were in Marble Falls.

Brand new grass+1st mowing=Happy Man

The cows think Brenham is heaven. . .

And even when it’s gotten too dark to photograph flowers, there is still beauty all around. . .

4 thoughts on “Texsplosion

  1. I love that old twisted tree. You are taking some great pictures! I was just telling someone the other day that winter kind of quietly sneaks in but spring explodes without warning in a confetti of color. I swear my Japanese maple leafed out while I was at the grocery store.

  2. Holy cow, you’ve been BLOGGING!! What on earth is that about?! You almost make me want to try again. Almost. Maybe when our life returns to some kind of forward motion. 😉

    Beautiful, beautiful photography, lady. You have a knack, I tell you.

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