Little Things

As I have saturated this blog with floral springiness of every sort imagineable over the past two posts, I thought I would show you some things that are teeny, tiny happinesses. . .and they have nothing to do with flowers.

Tonight I went to yoga. We did LOTS of breathing. . .and some laughing too. Yoga is not really KNOWN for its attention to laughing, but I can’t help but make light every so often. Thankfully my yoga instructor appreciates my “bright spirit.” Anyway. . .AFTER yoga was a long story. . .but all of that breathing does good, good things because Tony took one look at me and said, “You look RADIANT.” And it was not said in a complimentary tone. . .but one of surprise–like “what exactly did you DO in that yoga class????” I chose to take it as a compliment anyway. Oxygen. It does a body good.

Victoria and I made a trip into a nearby town. . .and ended up not needing to have made the trip. . .so we stopped to buy a battery and a can opener on the way home and also ended up with the following:

Like her mother, Victoria is drawn to the card section. There is no one who HAS a birthday right now, but it's always good to be prepared.

The inside was just black and white, so before we even left the store, Victoria had plans to jazz it up a bit. Which she did immediately upon entering the house.

On the way home, she was holding her card and said, “Mommy? This looks like something Mrs. Stephanie would do.” I totally agree. . .and this will show you why. . .

This is how Stephanie takes notes, and addresses packages, and probably signs checks. . .seriously.

This also reminds me of something Stephanie would draw although she does not drink Diet Coke and wishes I didn't either. I prefer the plastic bottles but was desperate at school the other day. This cute container is what came out of the machine.

I ended up with something too. I LOVE me some brown leather. My idea of the perfect outfit is a comfy pair of brown leather shoes with denim crop pants or skirt and a cute, white top. Happiness. Dull–but I just LOVE it. I seriously doubt that these would qualify as leather, HOWEVER, you just CANNOT pass up something this cute for the price. . .LOVE THEM.

Peep these PRECIOUS shoes. . .and the equally adorable price.

My real live foot modeling my new brown shoes. . .

And did I happen to mention that it was spring?

Not a great shot, but look at this pair of cardinal spouses eating bird seed that had fallen onto the ground. I was far away using my zoom lense, and it was dusk, so the shot is bad, but I loved watching them.

And these are not TECHNICALLY flowers–even though they bear a striking resemblance to such. . .

This is a dogwood TREE.

And THIS is a really incredible, yellow BUSH.

Though I have no idea what it is called.

And THIS is a GORGEOUS Victorian farmhouse nearby. It is precisely what I dreamed of spending the rest of my days in, and it very nearly makes me envious. . .HOWEVER. . .I love the house I have, and am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that I won't be navigating stairs at 80.


7 thoughts on “Little Things

    • See: Forsythia. My friend Carolyn pegged it.

      And friend, if I could, I would mail you some dogwood and magnolia and azalea and redbud and crimson clover blossoms. I know that cactus flowers are NOT the same. . .no ma’am. Not at all.

  1. Oh, you make me miss yoga so much. Every time you mention it I think “I have to find a yoga class!!”
    Also the author’s name, I see to have neglected to write it in my ‘notes’ and it might be helpful for anyone curious: her name is Kathleen Kent.
    Love the shoes! Love the Happy card (how do I get a job designing cards?) Love the cardinals. Love the flowers… Don’t love the diet coke (but the big heart is awesome!) And you do have a lovely new home, and a craft room! Love you girlfriend.

  2. The yellow bush might be a forsythia, one of the happiest bursts of color in the spring! Isn’t it nice that spring comes along when it does!

    • Carolyn wins. . .it is forsythia. The prize is getting to be my friend and have me call you to talk and talk and talk and talk and not breathe for several minutes OR ask you how YOU are doing!!!! Congratulations, Carolyn. 🙂

  3. Love the card, love the shoes, love the picture that Stephanie drew. Also, love the diet coke can and the substance in it (way too much). Where did you get the shoes?

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