Proudly announcing the arrival of. . .

. . .whatever is in the gray box that has my children so transfixed.

I KNOW it is neither chickens. . .nor a rabbit. . .nor either of the two reptiles we own. So it would have to be. . .

KITTENS!!!!! Yes. I know. There appear to be THREE kittens in the carrier when I said, in fact, that we would be getting two. *AHEM.* I must admit it took a lot of restraint not to take all five they were such a pretty little litter. We KNEW we wanted the gray, and then Thad found one he HAD to have and so did Victoria, so three. They are all sisters. The two we left behind are brothers and are going to a horse farm to be champion mousers and protect the horses’ grain.

Allow me to present (from left to right), Poppy, Buttercup, and Princess Penelope (Penny) (It’s a long story.).

Buttercup is light gray. Penny is a brindled tortoiseshell calico. Poppy is gray, black and white with a zebra striped belly. All of them are Tabbies.

And they are all currently in their new home napping. Penny is in front. Poppy is behind her, and Buttercup is sort of camoflaged against the back of the carrier.

The kids are ready for them to wake up. Thad says he “wants to see some action.” I have assured them that like all babies, they WILL wake up at some point, but they’ve had a big morning what with being held and driven and moved and jostled and having their littles senses barraged with new sights and scents and sounds. You know? Those little girls have a great thing going. . .I might take a cat nap myself.


6 thoughts on “Proudly announcing the arrival of. . .

  1. Yes. . .they are very similar. Penny has red in her coat and, we have discovered, is MUCH more vocal than the other two. Poppy is the brave one so far. She has explored more and gone up and down the ramp that Tony put in their cage. Buttercup is protective and cautious. She stayed awake longer to look over her sisters, then helped to groom them and hasn’t explored much more than their carrier (which is where they will sleep) and the corner in which is resides.

    However. They have ALL discovered the tennis ball that Tony and Victoria hung from the roof of their pen–they are hilarious.

    • Thad chose Buttercup long ago. Victoria chose Poppy in case we got another girl. Then there were three. . .and the third was the one Thad picked out. He wanted to name her Princess, but Victoria was none too hip on that name. I suggested we could NAME her Princess and CALL her Penny because of the copper color in her coat. Both were on deck with that, THEN I said, “Well Penny IS short for Penelope.” Victoria IMMEDIATELY grabbed the name Penelope and tried to convince Thad that it was the name to choose while he equally clung to Princess and I REPEATEDLY told Victoria to STOP TALKING. Then I said, “I THINK we should name her Princess Penelope and CALL her Penny for short.” The heavens opened. . .angels sang. . .

      And thus, a name was born. And it appears (already) that she has the personality to carry it off.

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