Just Words

I have been letting my pictures do the talking for me for quite awhile now. It is because I’ve been out of words. . .not ALL words–just words that were able to be viewed by the general public without thinking I’d gone a little off my nut–or without judging too harshly. My words have been quiet and angry and tearful and tired and selfish and pensive and rambling and all written down on notebook paper with a blue Bic pen (clear) and sent to northwestern Arkansas. It’s pretty there–hilly–green.

Anyway–I am wading back into the word pool, and I’m starting tonight with this:

I am in the study–the lights are not on, but it’s only a little before 6:00 pm. The windows are open to let the breeze blow away as many of my awful, terrible cold germs as possible (this thing has been a DOOZY, and both of my lungs are still only at about 80%). Although, the windows on the back porch are closed. That is where the kitties are located, and though I think the screens would filter out any dander, we aren’t taking chances.

The breeze that blows in is cool enough–with a touch of warmth. I can’t smell it right now–nose out of commission as well–but I smelled it the other day, and it was laden with the scent of wildflowers and newly mown grass and cows–which I find not unpleasant as they bring back things from childhood. It smelled of dry cows. . .muddy cows are a totally DIFFERENT smell that I find INCREDIBLY unpleasant.

Thad is in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and, quite literally, whistling while he works. Tony and Victoria are at church–VBS planning meeting for the youth tonight. I will be camping this summer, but not VBS-ing.

Tomorrow is the day before our big state test–TAKS–and we are having a pep-rally of sorts to inspire the 6th graders to greatness. I am neither full of pep, nor ready to rally ’round anything but some clean sheets on my bed, HOWEVER, as I have used all of my days AND THEN SOME, I will be there with my classes as we rah-rah-rah our way through 47 minutes in the library. There are many motivational Youtube videos on deck, so hopefully the cheering will be kept to a minimum. I offered exactly 0% help with this task, but I DID show up on Friday (with my terrible hacky lungs and my box of Kleenex) to move tables and chairs out of the library before I came home and turned to goo.

It is nearly the end of April, and for the first time since the spring of 2002, I do not have a mother daughter luncheon planned. This is not surprising–although it is ironic as I managed to pull them together after the death of my Daddy and after moving into this house last year. . .but this year has left me devoid of motivation. We will still have one of sorts–smallish–in the house–no decor of which to speak. Next spring we will pull out all the stops, but this year I feel a little quiet and a lot tired.

Birds are chirping in the front “yard”–the clutch of trees in front of the house that has filled in with green leaves and yaupon bushes over past few weeks. The western sun is at just the right angle to hit them unleashing a sparkle that only April can own. Soon enough those leaves will be dulled by heat and dust and not so new and shiny anymore. But tonight, they are like jewels.

I have gone 14 days–14 whole, entire days without any processed sugar passing my lips in the form of candy, cookies, cake, etc. I’ve had some milk (which has sugar in it), and a couple of slices of bread, but neither an M nor an & nor an M has made its way down my gullet in 14 days. This is a record for me. In celebration, I have baked a batch of my favorite high fiber muffins so they will be ready for breakfasts for the next couple of weeks. I think the insane amount of fiber and good ingredients outweighs the 1/2 C. of brown sugar and the 1 C. of raisins (very FULL of sugar)–plus they are just so good.

I have also been very regular and diligent in my yoga practice until last Thursday conspired against me, and last Friday I was on the verge of death. (Just a TOUCH of melodrama there.) Don’t know if my lungs can take it tomorrow night or not, but I will probably try to do what I can.

And this weekend, I have two friends coming to see me–I am SO excited. And I’ll create a cheer once I can breathe again. It is the first time that the three of us have been together for a girls’ weekend since before Stephanie got married. And that was a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago. I am, in fact, a bit ashamed that we’ve not done it before now. But. . .that will all be wiped away once I pick them up at the airport next Friday night for a weekend full of frivolity, chick flicks, salty chips, and lots of laughter.

Happy Sunday night to you all. . .


10 thoughts on “Just Words

    1. Although I find the scent of horses even MORE enjoyable than the scent of cows. . .brings back memories of cool grass on my bare feet and a velvety nose and lips tickling the palm of my hand as my Grandaddy’s horse ate a sugar cube from my palm.

  1. It’s good to see your words, but I do always love your pictures. After today’s 4 1/2 hour fabric-fest, I too fill a little too desolate to come up with words. I am behind on blogging, but so much enjoy keeping up with yours. I know you will have a blast with your friends.

    1. My sweet, friend. You really DO love me as you’ve been on the receiving end of many of those words I mentioned, yet you keep on comin’ back for more.

    1. Hey, girl. Did I send you and e-mail recently and ask you for your phone number? If not, consider this it. . .e-mail me your numbers. I miss you. I am thinking of you. I am hoping the Lufkin is not driving you insane.

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