Just do it.

“Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda

So, this afternoon, I was talking to my friend, Carolyn, on the phone. I said, “I’m not even sure I can put this weekend into words.” To which Carolyn said, “Maybe you don’t need to.”

Whether I need to or not, I’m still finding it difficult but necessary to do–so might I suggest the following:

If you, like me, have some friends from childhood/jr. high/high school/college whom you love dearly–the kind that not only can you pick up where you left off, but you don’t have to really EXPLAIN what all happened in the middle ’cause even though you’ve all grown and changed, you are still basically the same down under the wrinkles and gray hair (since I don’t GET my roots done). . .the kind who–when 10 minutes after entering your real, live, grown-up house for the first time, don’t even cringe when you lean your approaching-41-year-old head over and put it in their lap as though you were 15. They automatically begin stroking your hair (gray and all) and say, “So are you gonna tell us what’s going on now?!?!?!” While from the other room, the one whose lap is not occupied by your head yells, “ARE Y’ALL TALKIN’? DON’T START!!! I’M NOT THERE YET.”

The kind that know your family–your WHOLE family–your sister and your brother and your Momma and your Daddy and even your Aunt Norma who lived in Nebraska. The kind whose parents you know so well that when she makes a comment with a certain lift of the eyebrow it’s like her mother is sitting at the table with you. The kind whose parents bit their tongues, blinked hard, cringed, and hid the breakables when you walked through the door, yet left a family reunion in Georgia at 4:00 a.m. so they could make it to your wedding on time. The kind whose big sister leaves a comment on your blog even though you’ve not laid eyes on her in nearly 20 years, because her little sister had fun at your house.

Even if you are blessed to have just ONE friend like that. . .or three or four who are close to that. Give ’em a call. Check on them. Don’t worry about what time it is or what day of the week or even if you have time to talk or not. Invite them over–whether they live in the same town or the same state or have to drive from Louisiana to Mississippi to fly to Texas. You already KNOW it’s more than worth it–scheduling, planning, getting there–you just need to do it.

There has been a smile on my face since I got both girls in my car on Friday night at about 8:00. Once I had ’em both trapped, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Not because all the planning was done (Even though they had managed to schedule flights arriving within about 15 minutes of each other, it was still necessary to pick up two different people at the same major airport arriving on two different airlines in two different terminals. And one literally walked in through the out door. . .) No, it was the sigh of someone who NEEDED to be with these girls like she needed to breathe air–someone who was relieved to be near them period–to have each other all to ourselves for nearly 48 hours. . .to have the freedom to be girls again–but girls with driver’s licenses and credit cards who didn’t have to worry about gas money or curfew. It was the sigh of a happy woman–a woman who is blessed beyond measure.

Then we commenced to laugh until we hurt–and stay up until we were literally falling asleep–and we cried some too (“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”) We ate and watched movies and moved from the table to the living room to the game room to the study and back to the table, and there were very few quiet moments as we did so. We did things we haven’t done in 20 years and had even forgot we used to do until we were together again.

So. Incredibly. Worth it, y’all. You already know this. . .stop saying “we should” and JUST DO IT.


8 thoughts on “Just do it.

  1. Mary Linda

    Just for the record: I walked out through the in door, not in through the out door.

    Well said, girlfriend.

  2. I sometimes wonder if people realize just how blessed they are. Most never realize it…some, just aren’t…and then there are you three. It melts my heart to see you three together after all these years. What you have together is so special. Never, ever take that true friendship for granted and remember that those of us who were touched by your friendship are also blessed.

    I love you guys!

    1. Melinda. . .thank you so much for your sweet comment. . .we had a ball–and I loved seeing pictures of your kids (and you) after all these years. 🙂

  3. Um… so is now a bad time to mention that I have invited and invited and said friend hasn’t seemed to make it up from her gulf coast bungalow, yet mentions that ‘someday’ she’ll have to get up here…?

    Sounds like TOO. MUCH. FUN! I know who yelled from the kitchen and I can hear it in my ears…! 🙂

    1. Hrm. . .I think you and your “friend” have managed to see each other far more frequently. . .and might I say that SHE was pretty familiar with your house in Temple. . .yet neither of you have seen the other’s “NEW” house–although I know that your NEW house is somewhat less new. 🙂 And I think you’ve been invited to her bungalow a time or two as well. . .so. . .time to remedy that. 🙂

  4. It’s so hard to get away when you have a full time job, families (who also have schedules! How dare they?!) and to get TWO friends to show up at the same time – wow! See, now I understand why you always see these groups of grey-haired old ladies going on cruises, heading to desert spas, and milling through annual arts and crafts fairs together. Their kids are grown, they are probably retired or semi-retired, and their husbands have… I don’t know what their husbands are doing… I was going to say they were either dead, divorced, or gone fishing. But I’m sure the truth is their husbands are at home, wistfully looking at a picture of their wife and writing love sonnets to read to her aloud by candlelight when she returns.

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