Books, Books, Books

Stole this from Melanie. . .and it is, actually, 100% accurate as far as I can tell. . .you tell me. . .

You Are Realistic Fiction

You are an outgoing person and very interested in others. You have many relationships that are important to you.
You are always willing to lend an ear to a friend with a problem. And you’re even pretty good at giving advice!

Some may accuse you of loving drama, but you just seem to find yourself in the middle of it.
You are a true people person. You find the lives of others to be fascinating. You’re up for hearing anyone’s life story.

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6 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books

  1. It IS you! 100%!
    I turned out to be the same – but I think it’s only 90% accurate 🙂
    “You have many relationships that are important to you.” More like about a dozen… so, “many” is RELATIVELY speaking 😉

  2. I would take the test, but I am afraid it would tell me that I am a thesaurus–way too wordy.

    On another note, I am tackling that cake recipe you posted tonight (either that or I’m making “brownie” batter and eating it straight out of the bowl).

    • You are NOT too wordy, girl. . .and the ones you choose are always apples of gold don’t ya know.

      Let me know how the cake goes. . .or the raw brownie batter.

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