Things making me happy at the moment:

-writing letters
-friends who have known me a long time and love me ANYWAY
-chocolate covered raisins
-a BRAND NEW BOX of all 120 colors of Crayola crayons to share with my daughter in anticipation of a summer chock full ‘o coloring
-my boy telling me that I’m 99% nice and only 1% cranky
-clean sheets
-giving the kids who actually did a PROJECT AS ASSIGNED a surprise 110 for their “hard work, diligence, and effort”
-breakfast for supper
-pretty flowers
-harmonizing with music I really love
-an entire day laid before me ripe with possibility (even if I end up not accomplishing much by the end of it)
-hearing the voices of people I love


3 thoughts on “Happy

  1. 🙂 I love the teacher power of being able to gift the kids who put forth effort, too, though some teachers this year have used that power for evil on occasion. Then, there’s the teacher who plays online poker all year while she shows Bill Nye videos. Have mercy, and may the 2009-2010 year DIE already (yes, we have to go BACK after Memorial Day for 1.5 days — quality schooling, that will be).

    1. We have two more days for kids and one for teachers. Tony and the kids, however, are through. I am having trouble aligning my brain to them being out while I’m still in.

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