Inaugural Art

I splurged last week and, for the first time in my life, bought the ENTIRE BOX OF 120 Crayola colors for The Girl and Me. We’ve got the classics, the new colors, the American colors, the flourescent colors. . .colors of the world, from endangered animals (Manatee) to the Tropical Rainforest to Purple Mountain Majesties. NO LIE.

When you open the box, it appears that you have been given two boxes of 48 and one of 24–alas–they are different colors. The very FIRST thing that Victoria and I did (as I knew we would) was to put them into color families, then organize them in rainbow order. She and I BOTH prefer it that way, and it’s part of the fun–for us. You can go throwing your crayons all willy-nilly into an old coffee can if you so choose. We like ours GROUPED.

(By way of digression, Tony’s family DID keep theirs in an old coffee can, and he has a distinct memory of coloring a yellow chick. However, the yellow crayon had gotten a little too cozy with a red, thereby leaving a red smudge on the pristine yellow of the little chick. Tony cares not about rainbow order or grouped crayons, but even at the tender age of 5 or 6, he cared VERY MUCH for the order of logic. It was not logical for a buttery yellow chick to have a red smudge for no apparent reason, so he drew a pool of blood underneath it. My husband does not hunt–he fishes–he goes crabbing–but he has never killed a living thing that bleeds actual blood. But morbid or no, logic must prevail. The chick bled. Logic. The Boy we brought into this world HATES to color. HATES. TO. COLOR.)

Anyway, The Girl and I, we anticipated. We planned. We waited for the official beginning of summer. I found some Very Special coloring pages, and today was The Day.

Today, we colored, the girl and me. We colored these cute, little houses, then we colored Barbie on a bike. I actually HAD a Barbie bicycle–like FOR Barbie.

Anyway. We colored today.


I highly recommend it.

Victoria’s interpretation of Barbie on a bike.

And mine–obviously influenced by my childhood toy.


10 thoughts on “Inaugural Art

  1. Stephanie

    oh, man. It’s been like 30 years since I colored a coloring book page. There is something very zen about coloring coloringbook pages.

    1. I highly recommend Barbie. . . she is a beauty for the ages. She is multi-cultural, even though The Girl and I went more the caucasian route. Although I DID color another one last night with auburn hair and green eyes and olive skin. Lovely.

  2. Rhonda

    My art-loving, always-drawing daughter does NOT like to color. You should see me trying to get her to color her maps for school. It’s torture!

    I, on the other hand, love to color. I would color with you anytime, Roxanne. 🙂

  3. I, with Melanie, am so amused by the chick story — but not at all surprised…

    120 crayons would STRESS! ME! OUT!! 24 is plenty, thankyouverymuch. 64 is simply over the top. How many reds can one person really need? But if it thrills your coloring soul, I am SO veruh happy for you!

    I couldn’t see the cute little houses. I am 40, after all. Bless.

      1. ‘Cuz we need BLUE reds and ORANGE reds and PURPLE reds and BROWN reds. . .brick, strawberry, mulberry, carnelian, garnet, scarlet, cherry, ruby, maroon. . .and that’s only NINE!!!!

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