‘Cause I can

I am STILL embracing my natural schedule. . .which included an afternoon nap, and will include me going to bed here in a minute, but first a project. A CREATIVE project. And it may not be your cup ‘o tea, but I am just thrilled.

Dollar store frames: $4
Can of Krylon Fusion paint: $4
Scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby: $2
Embracing my creative side: Priceless

For the wall in the guest half bath. There are three Texans in this household. I gave birth to two.

(This is almost exactly the color they are. . .the frame on the one below leans a little too much toward orange.)

And a nod to my own home state. Tony\'s mom is from Louisiana too, and also married a Texan. And ALSO gave birth to THREE Houstonians.

Yes. The man may love the Grand and Glorious Empire as Texas was, after all, a country once. But when it came time to find a wife, he looked east across the Sabine River and chose one from a place just as infamous and distinguished if not as large. Plus he’s an Eagle Scout, so he cannot begrudge me the fleur de lis.


8 thoughts on “‘Cause I can

    • Yep–everything is paper. I just found some black line outlines on the internet, blew them up to the size I wanted, traced and cut. Old-timey die-cuts, if you will.

    • Yes. . .or a glass of iced tea. . .or any southern symbol that would let everyone know you may LIVE somewhere, and you may even LIKE it or be NICE about it, you are still FROM elsewhere.

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