Fantasy vs. Reality

We are careful about what the kids watch–not only because we don’t care to deal with the regular stuff (nightmares and the like), but also because we want to make sure they watch certain things when they are old enough to understand particular elements. We finally watched the original Star Wars Trilogy last summer. And tonight, they watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring for the first time.

Victoria has asked about 10 million questions while watching a movie ever since she was old enough to ASK a question. I knew this one would be FRAUGHT with questions (which tends to drive her Daddy crazy), so I set her up with paper and a pencil right away. We would stop every so often for me to answer the latest shower of yellow post-its that she kept throwing across the couch to me.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Thad takes a different approach to movie watching, but still entertaining. For instance, when the Fellowship is in Khazad-dûm running from the Balrog on the very steep, precarious, rock stair cases and bridge, Thad says in a rather disgusted tone, “Hasn’t anyone heard of HAND RAILS????”

After Borimir goes a little wacky, we were explaining to them why Isildur and Boromir wanted the One Ring. Tony reminded them of what Galadriel says at the beginning, “Men love power above all else.” Then I chime in, “So they want power, and they think the ring will give them that.” To which Thad replies, “Well. I don’t want power. I want LEGOS!!!!”

Later he suggested that a good attack strategy for Aragorn to use against the Uruhk-hai who is trying to kill Borimir would be to “stab him in the tenders.”

I’ll let YOU draw your own conclusion as to what exactly the “tenders” are and where they are located.

Both the Question and Logic part of our off-spring are now curled up in their hidey hole blanket cave that blocks our exit out of the house. This is night two they have spent inside. Their young bones can take the floor, and what, after all, is summer for?

We can hear their conversation. Thad just asked his sister, “If you could be any monster, what would you be? A zombie, a mummy, or an ogre?” Victoria (Ms. Questions) replied, “I don’t care. I’m goin’ to sleep.” So Thad answered himself with, “I would be an ogre. Wait. Ogres are strong but dumb. They are 1% smart. No, 0% smart. That’s how smart they are.” They had also been discussing exactly with what the cave troll (which Thad keeps calling an ogre) had attacked Frodo. Thad said, “He stabbed him with his sword. I know it was his sword, because he had his club in the other hand. Ogres always have a club in their hand. There are only two things that ogres love: themselves and their clubs.”

To blur the lines of reality even MORE, I am also reading the first Harry Potter book aloud to them. They have both seen the movie–that was another last summer event–and Victoria has read the book. After the reading for tonight, she continued with her vein of questioning. “If they don’t have regular classes at Hogwarts, then how can they learn all they need to know?” When I told her that if they were a witch or wizard, then they woud have a magical job and not NEED all the “regular” stuff she said, “Well, do they HAVE to have a magical job?” At this point, I reminded her that it was FANTASY then suggested that she, like her brother, answer herself. I think she and Hermione would be GREAT friends. Though it appears she has Luna’s fashion sense.

Sometimes they wear us out from laughing at them, and sometimes they just wear us out.


8 thoughts on “Fantasy vs. Reality

  1. Thad and I would have a great time judging fantasy — where are the handrails? Why are they traveling in a giant peach? Don’t they have cars? No, I don’t do fantasy well, myself…

  2. Stephanie

    And I’m the one looking for boom shadows and airplane trails in the skies – because the books don’t have any of those 🙂
    I LOVE the cave. When I was a kid I was always making those and hiding inside. I also had a little brother, and OH, what a treasure that you a capturing these moments, which I guess before blogs, moms really didn’t do in the 1970s… unless you were Erma Bombeck or someone like that.

  3. Rhonda

    I showed this to Griff and he wanted to let you know that Legos ARE power. 🙂

    We are huge, huge, huge LOTR fans here. The kids have seen all 3 movies, but still haven’t seen that huge spider. Creepy!

    1. First of all, I delivered Griff’s message to Thad. It was much appreciated and received a HUGE grin. 🙂

      Have you seen “Lord of the Beans” from Veggie Tales? If not, I will have to give it to you the next time we get together. Now the kids get why their Daddy and I find it so hilarious.

      And there are parts that I am either fast-forwarding or telling them not to watch–we haven’t gotten to Ms. Spider yet (already KNOW they will not see Frodo wrapped up in a web–ickadoo), but tonight was the “release the prisoners” part when only parts of the prisoners were released. When I say, “Don’t look!” the kids know the drill. . .

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