More Fun with Paper and Dollar Store Stuff

So. I LOVE to create something pretty. In fact, it is not just a LOVE of mine but a NEED–like breathing deeply. Too long without some creativity and I begin to twitch and sway like a caged parrot. I like to take little bits of nothing and turn them into something. I like to MAKE THINGS–and my media choices can vary from paper to fabric to crayons to words.

This particular year (and when I say “this year” I MEAN “this (school) year”–raised by a school teacher, became a school teacher, married a school teacher, summer is on its own time continuum separate and apart from regular time–just sayin’) has been one that stole my milk money, then ate my lunch, then kicked me in the teeth and rubbed my nose in the dirt while my lip bled and my stomach growled. And it WHISTLED a happy tune while doing it. There may have also been some salt thrown in the wound, but I was unconscious by that time so I don’t remember. It wasn’t all school. . .it was LOTS ‘O THINGS. . .a mountain of things that had been collecting and fell atop me, but they fell within the parameters of this (school) year.

Therefore, I have hit the ground running–both to make the most of this particular span of time AND to get as far away from this past (school) year as possible. Thus, all of the cutting and pasting and painting and papering and CREATING and such. I am going to cut and paste my way to a happy, fulfilling summer. I have sharp, little scissors, and I’m not afraid to use them. Just watch me!!!!


Round bulletin board--dollar store

Regular spray paint

Magical Plastic Fusion spray paint

Some regular spray paint. Some super huge intials cut from scrapbook paper. Some empty space on the wall by the kitchen.

VOILA! One for each child to tack things upon. I might be able to see my fridge again.

Dollar store frame. . .AGAIN. And it's WOOD. Evidently no one else sees the potential of these.

An exacto knife with which to cut, a glue stick and some scrapbook paper with which to hide my lousy cutting of the matte, a nice font on the computer, and a pleasantly surprised yoga instructor this afternoon. Hi, Donna!

I have some other ideas for this frame as a gift and plans to make another run to the dollar store for more.

But this is my favorite so far. . .because it’s just so ME. . .and it involved LOTS of cutting and MUCHO pasting. Yet ANOTHER dollar store frame–it is also PLASTIC and was sort of a gold/silvery/bronzish antiqued thing. MORE Magical Plastic Fusion paint (in white) and hey Presto, a girly frame. The cutouts were from a package of scrapbooking paper I got at Target in their dollar bin. One page in particular, had several of the flowers and the larger bird in the corner. . .so I have been snipping and cutting, and tonight I have this one done. I will do at least one more heavy on the butterflies. Couldn’t quite get the color right as I took the photo at night, so I give you one with flash, and one without.

Without flash: For the craft room. This makes me HAPPY!!!!

With flash: The actual color lands somewhere in the middle of the two.

Snip, snip.


5 thoughts on “More Fun with Paper and Dollar Store Stuff

  1. *Up in the air finger snap, with attitude*
    Create we must or we will rust. (heh. he.)
    I love what you can do with your creative energy. Write. Make bulletin boards. Collage.

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