Summer Fun

At the end of summer, 2004 I was headed back to the classroom after three years at home, so Tony declared it the “Summer ‘O Fun.” It was anything BUT fun. MAJOR church trauma drama. . .rained for literally two months. . .it was so NOT fun. So each summer since, we have said with much hope (and a trace of sarcasm), “Maybe THIS will be the Summer ‘O Fun.”

Last summer, I decided to take the bull by the horns summer by the swingset, and MAKE it the Summer ‘O Fun. And it WAS. We did only ONE THING differently than we normally do.

We kept a list.

Victoria LOVES lists and charts and sorting and ordering (if you’ve not noticed), so I had her make a chart entitled “Summer Fun.” Everytime we did a “fun” activity we added it to the chart, then each additional time we put a tally mark.

We had things like:
snowcones (buy a snowcone maker from WalMart or Target AND some snowcone syrup. . .you will be THE mom-diggity.)
watching movies at home (we have a subscription to Netflix–but no cable)
play board games
play computer games
play in sprinklers
go swimming
ride bikes
build with Legos (this is a non-stop activity for Thad, obviously)
popping popcorn
sleep overs with friends
Church camp
Camping in the house
going out to eat
going to see a movie at the theater
go to the library
Sleepovers at grandparents’ house
Sleepovers at Aunt and Uncle’s house
Birthday parties (we ALL have summer birthdays)
going to the beach

We even put church potlucks and VBS on the list. . .why not? None of them were out of the ordinary, but I was determined that when summer came to an end, we would not look back and think there was no FUN or that we hadn’t done “anything.” We have LOADS of fun every single, stinkin’ day. And a chart to prove it!

(click photo to make is UBER huge)


3 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. So, will “shooting arrows” be at the top of this summer’s list? I love lists, too, as you know. And, what a great way to keep track that you did, indeed, have fun when you “did nothing” — ’cause that what summer is all about…

  2. Awesome list! I think this is good for all year, even.
    And shooting arrows and making fires… ‘fraid those would be the two items on our list with the most tick marks! And Legos. Legos have got to be the best value for your buck ever. It’s the age 3 to 73 kind of toy!

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