I Blinked

Seventeen years ago TODAY, I looked like this.

Nine years ago YESTERDAY, I looked like this.

Seriously. There was 10 1/2 pounds of baby boy in there.

And as I’ve often said, 10 1/2 pounds of baby is HUGE, but 10 1/2 pounds of human, is TINY.

You don’t have to know either this man, or this baby for this photo to pull at your heartstrings. . .at least a little.

(And in all seriousness, as sweet as this photo is, this man was probably thinking, “How long will I get to sleep tonight? We have AT LEAST 3 more years of uncertain sleep. Where is his mother?”)

Last year for a single digit birthday. “UNLESS I live to be REALLY old and hit TRIPLE digits,” Thad informed me today.

Don’t even get me STARTED on this one. Riddle me this. How is my baby girl big enough to hold another baby girl?
WHILE looking all lady-like!

And even though I KNOW he looks like this. . .

. . .and is prone to do things like this. . .

. . .when he does this. . .

. . .I SEE this.

And when he does this. . .

. . .heaven help me, but I still see this.

The problem IS that I blinked.


7 thoughts on “I Blinked

  1. Daphne

    This is beautiful reminder of blessings. This is also a year for me when I wonder about the blinking and the blessings. Perhaps I have a tic – I’ve blinked sooo much.

    But, you know, I think that in recognizing the blinking we recognize the blessings ❤

  2. I love this!
    When they were babies, wiser women always told me, “Don’t blink, they’ll be grown and in college/married/off on their own before you know it…”
    That was back when all I WANTED was an EXTRA nice long “blink” from the sleep deprivation. But of course, I sensed the truth she wanted me to know.
    So I got a camera! And from what you have shown us here on the blog you have been capturing moments from the beginning, and now you are writing stories.
    Oh, I truly admire the moms who manage to capture their stories while their little ones are still babies. I have pictures, but the stories have become warm precious memories with foggy details…
    Now I wonder, why am I not writing more details about my oldest, now 15? Talk about BLINKING! He is literally slipping through my fingers, into blessed and wonderful Independence, as well he should.
    Thank you for this reminder to not blink so much 🙂 Now I’m going to write about my teenaged son a little bit.

  3. Hal Watts

    Hey Sister,
    Happy B-day to Thad. The photo’s show me how much those two have grown. I miss seeing yall but hope to get the chance to soon.

  4. Hal Watts

    Hey Sister,
    Happy B-day to Thad. The photo’s show me how much those two have grown. I miss seeing yall but hope to get the chance to soon. Happy 17 years to you two.

  5. Well, your chronically missing blog friend finally, finally, finally read the loverly Thad post that you asked her to read more than a month ago. And everything up to it. I now consider myself reasonably caught up on your doings and happenings and children, who are aging at a shocking pace (which mine would never, ever mimic). I wish we could have been a part of your summer happiness. But I’m happy to be here in the deep South where it’s peaceful and quiet, if far from Texas and the Texans we love. For the moment, anyway. Call me sometime. I’ll send you a working number.

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