Come on over to my house.

Summer is in full swing here. I have driven the kids both Hither and Yon. We saw “Toy Story 3” on Friday, and it was EXCELLENT (though there were a few more questionably “veiled” references in the pre-movie short than I cared to see). We have cooked a lot and cleaned some and gotten sweaty and tired and gone to bed with chlorine from our friend’s pool still in our hair, but if you want to come over–we’d love to have you.

Turn right at this patch of wildflowers. We THINK these are the wildflower seeds we threw out here a couple of years ago. There are some flowers in this mix that we’ve not seen anywhere else so far. Anyway, we’re the first driveway down on the right.

Welcome to our driveway flower bed. We did absolutely NOTHING to make it thus. The Indian Blanket sprouted and grew all on its own, though Tony used his mighty fine carpentry skills to make our address sign.

Now this is what I call a cat nap. Buttercup’s head hangeth over, and Penny seems to have found her sister’s hind-end makes a mighty fine pillow.

Legos on a Sunday afternoon. . .we always spread a blanket or quilt to keep the pieces from getting lost in the carpet. Here Thad is building his Star Wars X-Wing Fighter courtesy of MawMaw.

One day this week, Victoria came and requested that I bring my camera to the kitchen. The cups were in the dishwasher “IN RAINBOW ORDER, MOMMA!!!!” As it turns out, I had put them there–it was accidental–but it thrilled The Girl to no end.

Thursday morning after breakfast. This table is a microcosm of our home at large. Hmmm. . .you might not want to come over after all.

The Boy working on thank-you notes. It took awhile, but the process moved significantly faster when his sister and I very nearly left to go swimming without him.

She went to a girls’ youth group sleep-over last night. Something tells me that she stayed up late. Are her legs a mile long or what??? I guess I COULD have cropped out the Cheerio (Thad had a little snack on the couch earlier), but I’m keepin’ it real.

Bless her heart, but she was worn slap out. She slept for nearly three hours. Then she helped her Daddy wash the kittens.

Speaking of kittens. They are looking less and less like kittens and more and more like cats. Poppy has developed a cattitude, while Penny LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to be held and scratched and purrs like a little motorcycle all the while.

Here is Poppy looking all full of herself with her built-in eyeliner.

Penny striking her Cleopatra pose.

Buttercup and Penny stretched out in the sun–you can see how long they are getting.

But I think there might be a little bit of kitten left in ’em yet.

That’s pretty much June so far. Hope yours has been as fun as ours.


7 thoughts on “Come on over to my house.

  1. If a single cheerio is all that is out of place, your home is faring summer far better than mine. My kitchen counter is strewn with a month’s worth of hooey. Isn’t summer the grandest of all? ‘cept for the heat and mosquitoes, of course…

    • Oh, Sarah, surely you jest. I COULD go around and photograph the various detritus over which we step on a daily basis. . .alas. . .I won’t bore you. Just go look at the hooey in your house and know that mine looks similar–just more south.

  2. The flowers are so so pretty.

    And I have to ask: How do you wash kittens? I’ve never washed my cats and now I feel guilty.

  3. Let me start by saying that it’s a two adult operation. . .and our kittens live outside where there are also other stray cats. . so they were riddled with fleas. Since we didn’t want our HOUSE to be riddled with fleas, Tony treated the yard and the porch and their cage, then we washed the kitties (with warmish water and cat shampoo) outside, then we treated the cats with Frontline as they are now big/old enough for it. Voila.

    I think your cats are probably just as happy as can be that you have never washed them.

    • Would you please. . .we miss you. 🙂 Seriously, if you and Greg want to come over on Sat. night, we would LOVE to have you!!!!!

      Roxanne Langley 6th Reading Department Arnold Middle School Cy-Fair ISD

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