We have been without computer access since last Wed. or Thurs. when a computer virus/bug/thingy jumped up and bit us despite the spyware and firewalls and anti-virus stuffage we have in spades. So you missed my post about buying this t-shirt for my husband, ’cause while I was writing it in my head on the way home, I suddenly realized I had nowhere to put it. Alas, the moment has passed–but the shirt. . .well, the shirt is forever.

As I have made PERFECTLY CLEAR, I am not a Texan. I married one and gave birth to two and find it a lovely place to live. Despite the fact that I have seen some state pride go a bit TOO FAR, I also completely understand the hubris and chest-pounding that goes along with being a Texan. Therefore, I find the shirt hilarious and so totally appropriate for my wonderful husband.

And tomorrow I leave to go to Not Texas–although the people I plan to see there are either transplanted native Texans OR have lived in Texas at some point in their lives. I am going ALONE, and I am very happy about that. I love my family dearly, but just like so long ago when I thought that a trip in a car with a cd player was LIKE a vacation. . .well, this is the same–though it’s REALLY a vacation. Hoorah! I’ll catch up with all of you next week.


3 thoughts on “Bug-a-boo

  1. I have seen that shirt — and know many ‘a Texan who doesn’t even get the humor in it. It’s true, right? 😉

    Enjoy your solitude and travels.

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