The Mother Daughter Cake Decorating Birthday Party

Yes. Seriously. That is what we called it this year. Since I didn’t DO a Mother and Daughter Luncheon, we expanded Victoria’s party a little–at least in the title. Of course, I forgot to take photos of the mothers and daughters together, so there goes my scrapbook page–but it was fun none-the-less.

The finished product

A girl and her creation.

Festive light garnish (really there to make sure everyone saw the chandelier and didn't hit their head since we'd moved the table.)

Party attire. The shirt was a birthday present.

Accessories are so important. . .orange and yellow bracelets and headband.

AND socks. . .even though they SAID Thursday when it was REALLY Friday.

Ubiquitous bow-on-the-head photo--though the bows seem to get cuter as you hit the tweens.

A good time was had by all. . .and the moms decorated cakes too.


Road Trip: Louisiana

GINORMOUS oak tree at Nanny and Grandaddy's house where my Daddy grew up and where my sister now lives. I would have to take a panoramic shot to get the whole thing into one photo. It's seriously huge.

I am from Louisiana.

No, I do not:
*speak or cook “cajun”
*care very much about LSU
*hail from the southern half of the state
*celebrate Mardi Gras
*really appreciate jazz

That being said, I DO love my home state. It is lovely and green and chock full ‘o good folks including my family. We go visit at least two times each year–sometimes more–though I DID get “in trouble” from my sister for promising that THIS visit would be longer. . .and it wasn’t. Alas, I told her that I run around trying to please everyone, which is a losing prospect at best, and she agreed. Besides. . .we’d left our Daddy in Texas and kind of missed him.

The time we had there, however, was WONDERFUL. It was full of:

Swimming(at Doc Suze’s house)


The younger with Victoria. They are 6 months apart.

The elder with Mawmaw.

Doc Suze (aka: Sissy, aka: my sister, aka: Suzanne)

Front view: The extra set of arms (in blue) behind Victoria (in white) belong to my sister. She is not tall.

Side view: Case in point

She and Thad became fast Phineus and Ferb buddies.

Plus she always has puppies. . .or kittens. . .or both. . .or baby squirrels. . .or skunks. . .or possums. . .no kidding.

And did I mention the pool?


Uncle Tommy--Daddy's younger brother--with the kids.

He showed them his homemade, remote controlled airplane. Cool.

Uncle Hal--MY younger brother (1 year and 4 days apart) was not on some rig in the Gulf of Mexico making technological things work so we got to enjoy his company this time around as well.

He took the kids and me over to see, quote, the place, end quote, in Richland Parish. I had never been there. . .and it is lovely.

The old home place built out of cinder blocks that were carried down the river on a boat.


Walking across the pasture from Doc Suze's house to Mawmaw's house.

MORE birthday presents for Thad.

I made forts with the same wooden chairs. . .

On the swing with Mawmaw

PLUS we went to see “Despicable Me.” (Don’t waste time on the slow-mo in the clip. . .the first 10 seconds give you what you need to know.) (And also, “The physical appearance of the please makes no difference. . .”) Aside from the bathroom humor, it was much funnier and sweeter than I expected.


Lemon Cake. . .YUM. . .made by Victoria, and her mother before her, and her mother before her, and her mother before her.

Mawmaw has no established nutrition rules. And she always has plenty of everything you like.

Oh. My. Goodness. Don't EVEN get me started on the Mer Rouge icecream. This sign TOTALLY cracked me up.

And coming back home again

What we drove into and through for most of the day

Victoria's nest

Thad's nest

Oh, dear.

Thad's leftover, melted Mer Rouge icecream dregs and my candle FIND. . .the state of the front passenger seat was appalling. And yes, Sarah, that IS a box of mini Premium crackers.

Just WHO is driving anyway???

Ahhh. . .

. . .even better. . .

It was a really, REALLY good trip. Really.

The Birthday Girl

She’s 12. Next year we officially stick “teen” on the end. All of these photos were taken this week: smiling, holding puppies, eating lemon cake, riding her new bike, with her Momma wearing matching flip-flops, with her aunt and her Mawmaw. . .being a girl. Being herself. It’s been a good, good week. It’s been a GREAT 12 years.

Here she comes. . .

There she goes. . .

Happy Birthday, baby girl. I love you.


My friend, Jennifer, had these shirts made in pink and blue for the childrens’ ministry of which she is director. I think they are EXCELLENT.

Meanwhile. I have a TON of photos and a TON of stories from my various and sundry camps and trips AND today is Victoria’s 12th birthday. So there’s that yet to blog. At this moment, she is making peanut butter cookies (see recipe below) ALL BY HERSELF. . .getting the ingredients and cooking utensils, mixing, baking, in and out of the oven. . .12 is nice.

1 C. peanut butter
1 C. sugar
1 large egg, beaten
(Have your 12 year old) Mix all ingredients well. Roll into balls and place on cookie sheet, use a fork to make a grid. Bake in a 350 oven for 10-12 minutes.

Victoria’s View

I WANT to write a post about my trip last week, but tomorrow we are off to camp, so this week has been about laundry and supplies and Tony turned 42 yesterday as well.

In lieu of that, I’d like to introduce you to an up and coming artist. Until recently, I thought her talent only extended to beautifully rendered maps and school projects, lovely lettering, and the like. I was mistaken. Last year for her birthday, this young artist was presented with a new digital camera. A pink one. And she used it for its intended purpose. Alas, despite her frequent reminders (and losing it somewhere under her bed for a month or two) her mother kept forgetting or not having time to load her photos onto the computer. When she finally did, there were some gems to behold. So I want to give you the first installment of what I will call “Victoria’s View.”

Figuring things out while facing the bathroom mirror.

The gameroom. Powder room door. Stacks of games. Entry to the craft room. Her mother's hand.

Books on a shelf in the study.

Illuminated Flower. . .Southern Summer Angel. . .Breezemaker. . .

The table and floor were CLEAN!!! When was this???

Get your own box.

Moon is up. . .

. . .time to play with your little brother and his Glatorians. . .

. . .then Mom reads a bedtime story (The Penderwicks) while Thad spins in the chair. . .

. . .finally lights out, lamps on, and time for bed.

It was a amazing to see things from her point of view–what she chose to photograph and how she chose to photograph it–to see her exploring the things in our everyday lives and taking photos of things I’ve photographed as well–just differently. To go through the 700+ photos with her and hear her tell me which ones she liked and why. She is made up of bits and pieces of generations of people–and truth be told, I don’t see as much of me in her as others do, but this is another thing we share–along with letter writing, coloring, love of all things in rainbow order, the color pink, and Cheez-It consumption. 🙂 She is a wonder to behold. I love seeing her photos and sharing them with you.

The artist. A self-portait.