The Mother Daughter Cake Decorating Birthday Party

Yes. Seriously. That is what we called it this year. Since I didn't DO a Mother and Daughter Luncheon, we expanded Victoria's party a little--at least in the title. Of course, I forgot to take photos of the mothers and daughters together, so there goes my scrapbook page--but it was fun none-the-less.


Road Trip: Louisiana

I am from Louisiana. No, I do not: *speak or cook "cajun" *care very much about LSU *hail from the southern half of the state *celebrate Mardi Gras *really appreciate jazz That being said, I DO love my home state. It is lovely and green and chock full 'o good folks including my family. We …

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My friend, Jennifer, had these shirts made in pink and blue for the childrens' ministry of which she is director. I think they are EXCELLENT. Meanwhile. I have a TON of photos and a TON of stories from my various and sundry camps and trips AND today is Victoria's 12th birthday. So there's that yet …

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