The Mother Daughter Cake Decorating Birthday Party

Yes. Seriously. That is what we called it this year. Since I didn't DO a Mother and Daughter Luncheon, we expanded Victoria's party a little--at least in the title. Of course, I forgot to take photos of the mothers and daughters together, so there goes my scrapbook page--but it was fun none-the-less.

Road Trip: Louisiana

I am from Louisiana. No, I do not: *speak or cook "cajun" *care very much about LSU *hail from the southern half of the state *celebrate Mardi Gras *really appreciate jazz That being said, I DO love my home state. It is lovely and green and chock full 'o good folks including my family. We …

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My friend, Jennifer, had these shirts made in pink and blue for the childrens' ministry of which she is director. I think they are EXCELLENT. Meanwhile. I have a TON of photos and a TON of stories from my various and sundry camps and trips AND today is Victoria's 12th birthday. So there's that yet …

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KPCOFGS (Mr. Short would be SO proud.)

So when I was in 10th grade, Mr. Short (now Dr. Short)(VERY PATIENTLY) taught us about kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. But it appears there are two OTHER biological classifications. Who knew? (Probably my husband, but he's outside cutting pieces of wood with power tools.) Anyway--look at this colorful chart!!! And WHY …

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