KPCOFGS (Mr. Short would be SO proud.)

So when I was in 10th grade, Mr. Short (now Dr. Short)(VERY PATIENTLY) taught us about kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. But it appears there are two OTHER biological classifications. Who knew? (Probably my husband, but he’s outside cutting pieces of wood with power tools.) Anyway–look at this colorful chart!!!

And WHY is this post named thusly you wonder? Because there will be photos of various biological classifications on here today–and a couple are of girls (mine being one) holding a snake (our Corn snake)–and another couple are of HUGE grasshoppers. So there is your warning.

We’ll get the unpleasantness over with. Back at the tippy-top beginning of summer, my friend went to Scotland and we got free use of their pool. One evening I noticed these oddly colored grasshoppers.
(I made it a thumbnail in case you don’t LIKE bugs and care to skip this part.)

Anyway–they were somewhat larger than crickets, and black and red, and I’d never SEEN a grasshopper that wasn’t green.

Alas, TODAY I was back at my friend’s pool (without my camera) and saw THIS.

Now, the red and black ones were LARGER than crickets–and I found out that was the NYMPH stage of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. The ABOVE photo is of the INTERMEDIATE stage. And that thing is about 3-3 1/2″ long. I don’t know if I will be able to face a full grown one. Ugh. But interesting.

Before my trip, we had a youth devo at our house. Everyone was banished to the yard and clearing until right before they left. Then Tony took out the corn snake and let a few people hold it.

Lovely Lindsey–Victoria is excited that another girl will hold it too.

My own daughter who obviously does not share my loathing of reptiles.

Okay. . .snake and bug photos done. Now for “The Photo Op You Get when Your Daughter Picks Out Independence Day Wardrobe for Evening Church and Her Little Brother is Feeling Cooperative.”

The Boy Scouts of America in Residence retire the colors. (We weren’t going to be home until after dark.)

I did NOT take my camera to the park for fireworks, and it’s a good thing. It RAINED. We thought it might miss us–alas, it did not. But I didn’t have to keep my camera dry. And the band we heard wasn’t able to keep their instruments dry either. But they were good sports and gave away free cds. If you go to their website, you can get both of their albums for free–they’re kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets 38 Special meets Ealgles-ish. I’ve enjoyed my cd.

What else. . .I will soon write a post about my trip–which was HEAVENLY and fun and peaceful and restful and probably the most wonderful vacation I’ve ever had. Meanwhile, I am back home where I am helping Tony move big posts and square up a path across the driveway, teaching Victoria how to cook (she seriously listened to some multi-step directions, came into the house and cooked dinner–including lighting the stove and turning on the oven without me in here–Tony is working with her as well), and listening to Thad wax long about Legos. Ah, Summer, we love you!!!

(Victoria’s artistic portrait of her Lincoln Log retreat.)


3 thoughts on “KPCOFGS (Mr. Short would be SO proud.)

  1. You covered a lot of territory here! The snake is really pretty and I might touch it but don’t think I would want it around my neck!

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