The Birthday Girl

She’s 12. Next year we officially stick “teen” on the end. All of these photos were taken this week: smiling, holding puppies, eating lemon cake, riding her new bike, with her Momma wearing matching flip-flops, with her aunt and her Mawmaw. . .being a girl. Being herself. It’s been a good, good week. It’s been a GREAT 12 years.

Here she comes. . .

There she goes. . .

Happy Birthday, baby girl. I love you.


5 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl

  1. I notice she doesn’t show her teeth in any of these smiles. Is she practising (I can’t make that look right with a ‘c’ or ‘s’) for getting braces? She’s beautiful either way…! Happy birthday!

  2. She is so stinkin’ beautiful. Our grandchildren will turn out beautifully! 😉 Boy, if only we could choose our children’s spouses…

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