My Granny had two children–both girls: Norma Jean and Glenda Sue.

Rubye Mae, Glenda Sue, Norma Jean

(By the way–I have never thought I looked like my mother until I saw this photo again today. Wish I had her figure too!)

Norma had four children (Lisa, Lynne, Warren, and Brian–which I thought was a WHOLE LOT of kids to have–my own mother only had THREE).

My mother was just barely pregnant with my brother when this was taken. I assume it was Christmas, and I was about 5 1/2 months old. Lynne is holding me.

They grew up WAY OUT in west Texas–in Fritch–so we got to see them once each year in the summer. My second oldest cousin, Lynne, was (to me) as pretty as Marcia Brady–who was as pretty as a Barbie Doll (Malibu Barbie was the standard at the time). That is some serious pretty.

Absolutely NO IDEA where Warren and Lisa are in this photo. You'll see that Hal had made an appearance though. Nice red jacket, brother. Lynne is holding me AGAIN.

I loved all of my cousins, but I loved Lynne extra special. She used to let me play with her hair–even when I ruined her perm one time and very nearly had to cut her hair out of the brush curling iron I was using. I had forgotten this, but Momma reminded me–then I had vague remembrances of this happening in Granny’s bedroom on the roll-away cot that always got set up when they were there. We also wrote letters to each other. She had scratch and sniff stationery. (And I did not notice until I went digging for these photos, that she held me a lot which may also have to do with the much-loved status.)

Lynne married Dean and had two children when I was entering Jr. high–Wesley and Amber. She let me play with and hold them too. The times she came to visit when they were babies, I would haul them around and change their diapers and give them bottles and try to put them down for their naps. They remember none of this.

A baby Amber at about 7 months, and a very nearly baby Roxanne at about 13 or 14. I guess I take after Lynne huh?

Saturday night was Amber’s wedding. Victoria and I were in attendance and got to see all of my cousins and their spouses and most of the children along with Aunt Norma and Uncle Frank. The wedding was in Galveston (hence the beachy decor). Here are some photos of the happy event.

Amber and the lucky guy who married her.

LOVED her dress. . .very bridal with the lace and sequins and teeny-weeny buttons, but just right for the beach-ish locale. AND the sun actually, for REAL shone on her. . .


Lynne's dress

Groomsmen vests

Amber's hair

Hugging her PaPaw--my Uncle Frank.

Aunt Norma's anniversary ring. I think it was for their 25th. She one time (accidentally) painted her diamonds red. She was spray painting baskets for the rehearsal dinner for Warren's wedding. The story is very funny now. It was not so funny at the time.

Frank and Norma. Fifty-three years and counting.

Table decor. Simple, yet lovely.


We were, after all, on the island. Hello, seahorse sentinels.

Congratulations Amber and Michael!!!

I don’t get to see Amber or Lynne very much even though they don’t live far away. It’s really a shame–and we always say that when we get together. But this one thing is for sure. I love them. I love them way more than they probably even know–and a lot more than I can tell them. They are a part of me in the way only cousins can be. And Michael, I don’t know you very well. . .but you better take care of our girl. We Williamson/Bawcom/Cates/Watts women pack a punch.

Ha. Ha. Just kidding.

Sort of.

10 thoughts on “Details

  1. Roxanne,

    Absolutely beautiful. Made me cry, still crying!

    I love you, wish I could have held your babies like you did mine. I know I did in my mind and heart though. You have a beautiful daughter and handsome son. Hold them tight they’ll be grown before you know it.

    Love you,


  2. Lynne could certainly rock the bell-bottoms like Marcia. Fwank and Norma are so precious. The wedding looked beautiful. So glad you made the effort to be there with family. Just as it should be… 🙂

  3. I love these photographs. The way you notice details and then photograph them – the way you zoom in on the part that you find most interesting – gorgeous.

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