The Other Side

There are, in fact, two sides to our family. I feel as though they don’t often get equal billing ’round here. The fact is they live in the general vicinity of us, so we get to see them more often. Or, at least, we used to. We went and moved another hour away which ended all sorts of hijinx and merriment like going to church together. Alas–we still see them enough to make it count.

AND guess who *I* get to see tomorrow (Tony got to see her on July 3, so I get first dibs.

HEATHER!!!!! In all of her patriotic garb.

Though tomorrow I will see her at church first, and she will be all dolled up and lookin’ cute no matter what. The kids were with their Nana and PawPaw Thursday night.

Nana and Pawpaw with their OTHER favorite grandchild. (and Oh. My. Great. Heavenly. Days. DOES SHE EVER look like her daddy. It's a little unnerving. Seems as if those Langley boy genes win out every time.

They kept Heather on Friday, and she was so excited that Victoria and Thad were there, she didn’t take a nap. Which meant they got to entertain her on the car trip home once Aunt Christy came to retrieve them all. Evidently Heather is as demanding as her two cousins when she is beyond tired and “kronky” (as Victoria used to say.) But they even enjoy her when she’s kronky.

I don't know if she's kronky here or not as I was not present, however, by the look on her face and the dismantling of her pig tails, it appears that she is giving Thad the what for and the for what.

They are with the Uncle Jon, Aunt Christy, Heather branch of the family over the past two days. Tomorrow they will come home. . .and we will feast on ham and potatoes and purple hull peas. And possibly cornbread.

Victoria with Aunt Christy and Uncle Jon. She gets her maturity from him, though she looks an awful lot like her Aunt Alisa in this photo.

Independence Day done Langley Torres style.

The Boy and The Girl with their Aunt Lisa

It was reported to me that Victoria made the flag centerpieces!!!

And did I mention that I get to see Heather tomorrow??? Well. I do.

And also my Momma!!!! She will be with us for two weeks as we get ready to head back to school. Tomorrow is already a great day, and it hasn’t even gotten here yet!!!

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6 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. Heather does look JUST like her daddy.

    Victoria does look like her aunt.

    And, man, Lisa is starting to look like HER mother, though she may not appreciate me saying so. Just so much family goin’s on!

    So glad your mom is on her way!

  2. So glad I am finally able to take a moment and catch up on all my my bloglicious reading. Heather is a doll, and I know you are beyond excited (from the sheer volume of exclamation points used in the post) at getting to see her.

  3. Oh, what a melange of red-white-blue and stars! My goodness!
    I also love that beautiful china behind the glass in the light (birch?)wood hutch…
    And that Heather – she looks like a wood sprite!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words in your last comment on my blog. I am overwhelmed with your sweet thoughts.
    And I know you are raising two amazing young people, yourself.

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