First week of school: Friday Eve

Well, the first week of school has been great. . .except it appears that Tony has either the flu or some version of the creeping crud. Several teachers in his building are sick, so they probably caught it from inservice–or maybe someone infected the pizza from meet-the-teacher night with germs. Hmmm. I doubt it.

Anyway. It’s all good–kids love their teachers, teachers love their kids. . .but we’re all ready for Saturday. In the mean time–some photos:

Thad showing off his new Phineus and Ferb shirt from Doc Suze. This was the first day Momma got here.

More touches of Louisiana home: shirts from Doc Suze--Simmons Sporting Goods tent sale.

Victoria put on a show for us one night. She had created her own obstacle course to run while jumping on her pogo stick. Here she jumps one handed while holding an umbrella with the other as her volunteer makes it rain. Seriously.

Look. No hands. She kept this up for several minutes.

First day of school. . .they picked out their own clothes.

Victoria today with Poppy

Pretty kitty

First week projects: Scientific Summer for Victoria, Me Bag for Thad

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