Hilarious. . .and so, so true.

From my friend, Carolyn, who has raised a variety of children--some her own and some not--over the course of her lifetime. "We're dealing with children, they need to be terrified, it's like mothers milk to them - without it their bones won't grow properly" Sue Sylvester


Now with hands

I am not much a You Tube surfer. I appreciate it and all, but I normally go there for a particular item rather than just shopping around. That being said, I ran over to Boomama's today, and what did I find but this. Victoria and I pondered over whether it was "real" or slowed down …

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Again. . .the time alludes me. . .but here it is (even though I didn't do it justice.) I will just have to let creativity speak for creativity. (It's really big if you click on the picture. . .) I told Stephanie that I love this "new" cover of my favorite classic novel. And I …

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