The last drop

We, like you, are wringing the last drippy drop out of summer. Unfortunately for our children, their parents are tired. . .and their daddy is sick and has been fighting some back-to-school thing, but we DID manage to go down to the “lake” tonight to get the kids baits wet and to watch bats.



I didn’t get to photograph any bats as it’s too dark by the time they show up to feast on the bugs that are feasting on us, but there were a few dipping and darting about.

Our road has patches on top of patches. I think at this point it would be impossible to make it smooth. Ever.

This is LITERAL PROOF that there ARE gray areas in existence.

In the gloaming. . .

My camera is great at squeezing out the last drop of light available. . .there wasn't much by this point.

Lily pads

End of summer flora

Thad and the power squat. . .

Silly children

Daddy supervising the coming out of the bats. . .or just sitting.

Kids on the peninsula. . .getting too dark to photograph. . .

Over the course of the past couple of days, we have been blessed with low humidity and relative cooling trends. . .I hope it’s the same where you are. The light is changing. Autumn is on the way.

3 thoughts on “The last drop

  1. Photos like these make me marvel that you and I live in the same state — where we have prickly pear and mesquite you have lily pads and pine. Craziness. I was attacked by something back-to-school-esque, but spent a few days on decongestants AND Zyrtec and am a million times better. Hope everyone rests tomorrow.

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