And also timeless. . .as in “classic”. . .and in my case, also “without time.” Literally.

I do not have time to do the thing justice tonight, but oh, oh, oh how I plan to showcase it tomorrow.

My dear, sweet, quintessentially creative friend has done it AGAIN. And I have been the blessed recipient AGAIN.

Here are some peeks at my favorite parts so far. . .aside from the entire thing.

And the WORST part is that between a cell number and a home number and more than one attempt to contact her with my tearful thanks, she has been unreachable this evening. So, Stephanie,

Tack min kära, kära, kära, söta vän. Din kärlek till och acceptans av mig och alla mina många, många brister har välsignat mig obegripligt för alla de år jag har känt dig, men det senaste året i synnerhet. Tack för att du ett bollplank, en förtrogen, en spark i byxor, och för att skapa saker som varken min fantasi eller händerna kan designa. Du är en juvel både sällsynta, ovärderliga, och mycket, mycket glittrig. Jag älskar dig.


3 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. I am glad you like it! And I love online translator tools! Bollplank (swedish) means ballboard (?) a wall that is built to hit balls against, and that threw me, bbut what you must have written was sounding board (!) But I KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT. 🙂 Thank you for all those kind words.

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