Again. . .the time alludes me. . .but here it is (even though I didn’t do it justice.) I will just have to let creativity speak for creativity. (It’s really big if you click on the picture. . .)

I told Stephanie that I love this “new” cover of my favorite classic novel. And I DO love it. . .the novel and the cover.

Victoria's profile

Watching Victoria’s face as she recognized herself (I had sent a photo of her looking up-ish at a pine tree in our yard), was a sight to behold. I am proud to say that her Daddy recognized her profile right away. 🙂

It’s a sort of a still life, silhouette, collage of sorts. And it’s way more words worth of description than I have time to write. . .

Beautiful, lovely, creative, timeless, just right. . .

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