Saturday Evening Bouquet

Not only is the light changing, but so is the flora and fauna ’round here. Autumn cometh, and with it some flowers are dying while others are blooming. We strolled down to the lake tonight–and also trespassed while we were at it–and while Victoria pondered aloud about whether us walking onto the deserted property of our ex-neighbors was indeed legal, she gathered a bouquet. Here ’tis gussied up a bit.

Pretty no?

We also have wild morning glories running amok. I noticed them on a particular fence last fall, and have taken my camera several days to photograph them. Alas, it is too dark in the morning and they are all closed up tight in the afternoon (the tightly closed pinkish flower at the bottom left of Victoria’s bouquet is what the morning glories look like once it gets hot), but I WAS able to snap this shot the other day when I was running late. Not the fence I want, but it’ll do for now.

And not nearly as lovely, but with a beauty all their own, we’ve had a crop of mushrooms sprout after the recent rainfall.

As beautiful as all these things are. . .one or more of them has released a pollen into the air that is none too kind to my allergies. I’ll just carry a box of kleenex with me while I enjoy the loveliness.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Bouquet

  1. stephanie

    Very pretty! Wild flowers are so underrated.
    (and I thought I saw a post about some Swedish girl and art, and came to comment… but now I can’t see it.)
    Hope you are having a good Sunday.

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