Now with hands

I am not much a You Tube surfer. I appreciate it and all, but I normally go there for a particular item rather than just shopping around. That being said, I ran over to Boomama’s today, and what did I find but this. Victoria and I pondered over whether it was “real” or slowed down or sped up or what-have-you. . .then I pointed out that the gal’s ponytail was swinging in a most natural way–both in actual velocity and timing. With that settled, we were all set to be amazed.

Then, Victoria told me about a cool video that her teacher showed them that involved hands, and low and behold if it wasn’t over to the right on Youtube. It, too, is cool. It is a testament to my daughter’s middle school that this can be shown in class without a bunch of 6th graders making noises over the placement of a certain finger during one segment. . .not out of crudeness but out of necessity. Were it not family friendly, I’d not post it here. Speed it up to 40 or so seconds in unless you just want to enjoy some techno-pop with no amazement factor.


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