Update–now with wheezing

Autumn has arrived in southeast Texas. This place does fall like nobody’s business as far as weather goes. . .hay being cut and baled. . .wildflowers blooming all over the place. Low humidity, perfect temperatures. My lungs and eyes and nose will not be the same for at least a month–and that is where I’ve been.

BUT–as you were all so sweet about my student B from last year, I wanted to let you know that he WAS identified as having Irlen Syndrome and his brother will be tested soon. I was out two days last week, so I’ve not gotten to talk to him yet myself, but just knowing what the problem is will get him well on his way to making up for lost time.

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4 thoughts on “Update–now with wheezing

  1. So very cool. I hope he feels vindicated and hopeful and excited about his future success! It’s like a brand new start. 🙂

    And I have no personal experience with this whatsoever, but recently two different people here in CP have told me about how their allergies completely disappeared with the right daily dosage of raw local honey. I guess the key is that it has to be really fresh. Who knows? It’s better than being doped up all day.

  2. So glad to read of the helpful news about B.

    Allergies, sinus issues…..yuck. We are all wheezy and congested with harvest here in Illinois.

    Thank you so much for checking back in on my blog. My son made it through The Crucible and is now a Marine. We know this because we heard absolutely nothing from him or the Corps. Last week was the week we were told we did NOT want a call (for a call would be bad news). Living by the rule “no news is good news” is taking some getting used to.

    We will see our son on Thursday; he graduates on Friday and we all come home on Saturday where I get to enjoy him for ten days.

    Thank you again; your kindness means the world to me.

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