What exactly happened to October?

There is photographic evidence that October did, indeed, exist this year. It was, according to the photographs, enjoyed by my family–resplendent with walks on the small-town stroll, a stop for snow cones, drawing and dancing on the front porch, cats napping in errant overnight bags, flora and fauna alike, a rain-gutter regatta, a trip to the park, autumn’s changing light captured on my linen closet door, and a whack at decorating. (If the house is a mess, you might as well step over the junk and welcome fall with fake leaves and Osage Oranges pilfered from the side of the road). I’m just not quite sure how we ended up one week (and change) deep in November.

Did anyone else experience such a shift in the space time continuum this fall?


5 thoughts on “What exactly happened to October?

  1. Heidi

    That’s a really neat collection of photos. How do you get them all tiny and lined up like that? It must be a wordpress thing?

    I know what you mean about October. Even my son was agreeing with me that life moves so quickly these days.

    Happy Autumn!

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