WANTED: Missing Cat


Penny is AWOL.

This is not good. Not good at all.

I have saved you from some of the more recent, worrisome, and expensive Penny mishaps as of late. We, literally, have spent more time, money, and affection on her than the other two combined. She is the fun one. The red-head of the bunch. The affectionate one. The one that considers herself Queen of the Car (both inside and out). She had an entire 12 hours of unexplained seizures off and on back in October (which necessitated a trip to a 4th year A&M vet student named. . .I KID YOU NOT–Noah), then two weeks later she showed up for bed with unexplained swelling on the right side of her face. She also, in September, ended up on the roof. And there are not trees within twenty feet of our house. She climbed a ladder.

Anyway. . .she wasn’t with the other two yesterday afternoon when we all got home from school. And she didn’t come home last night, and we are all more than a little concerned but trying to act as if nothing is amiss because NONE of us wants to face our front porch or back porch or driveway or doors (through which she constantly darts) without her. Both children are starting to droop. Tony and I aren’t so far from droopy ourselves.

Bless her, brindled, calico, cantankerous, kitty-cat heart.


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