Turkey Time

I guess we’ve hosted Thanksgiving for the past three years now. It’s Tony’s favorite holiday, and I pretty much see it being at our house from now on. . .at least until Victoria or Thad’s wife decide they want to take it on. Anyway. We had fun–everyone made it but Aunt Alisa. She was feeling crummy and (thankfully) wanted to spare the rest of us from feeling crummy too. She and Tony are rivals for exactly who loves Thanksgiving more, so it was a sacrifice for her to stay home. But that meant more food for the rest of us!!!

Ready. . .
. . .Set. . .
. . .GO!!!
The centerpiece, lovely and festive as it was, had to be removed for more legitimate (and edible) fowl.
Take a gander at that gobbler. This is Husband's handiwork. He brined, cooked, fretted over, carved, plated, served, and finally enjoyed this bird. It was devine.
The Langley and Non-Langley Ukelele Trio
Uncle Robert advised Thad on some of the finer points of airplane folding.
And Victoria very sportingly let me decorate her forehead. It seemed like the right place for that sticker to rest.

We had a wonderful, wonderful day. I hope you did too.


3 thoughts on “Turkey Time

  1. That is the most beautiful presentation of a Thanksgiving turkey I have ever seen.
    How perfect that you will host Thanksgiving from now on – you have a great place for everyone to gather and get away from it all 🙂
    Also, I am also really hungry for iceberg lettuce now. I think I’m going to stick to salad for a week after everything we ate last week!

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