So, the day after Thanksgiving, I took the GRE because I am very seriously considering getting a masters–in library science. I have wanted to do this since the spring of 1992–which was my first year to teach. Anyway–I left the house at 7:20 in cold, drizzling rain. The test was delayed for over an hour due to data base issues (it was computerized). I got out of the test at 12:50 to find lovely sunshine but some cold wind. When I finally made it home, it was time for our first fire of the season.

And a board game.

And some candles.

I wish we had another one right now. My feet are cold.

4 thoughts on “Toasty

  1. Love the fedora. Makes him look authentic/ “bona fide” (in “Oh, Brother” dialect) as a banker.

    A house on the market cannot have a fire, due to the after-fire stinky. I grieve.

  2. Love the fire! Did I ever tell you I’ve dreamed of a master’s in library science? Griff and I were going to go to Austin not long after we were married and I was actually accepted to their program, but ended up not going.

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