Observations on a Monday.

We were discussing having a brother/sister pair over to spend the night–Carrie and Victoria are the same age. Luke and Thad are roughly the same age. Thad and Victoria do their fair share of squabbling, but it is minor compared to other siblings. Luke and Carrie are the same. Thad’s observation? “It’s just more difficult when the sister is the older one.”

Victoria’s summary after reading the county’s declaration document regarding the shooting of fireworks, “Well, it has lots of big, fancy words as all documents should. But basically it says we can’t shoot fireworks. But we can do poppers. Yea!!!!!!”


The Cold and All Its Relatives

Has moved into our house.

I was stricken last Wed. mid-day. . .and things just got worse from there. This included coming STRAIGHT home from school and going STRAIGHT to the couch AND very decent bedtimes as well as many, many over the counter products and LOADS of good quality vitamins, and ALL WEEKEND in a recumbent position.

Alas. I found myself with an entire symphony of sounds emanating from my lungs (which should be SILENT organs). When one awakens one’s spouse with noises from one’s lungs, one is in some dire bronchial stress. Just sayin’.

So. Off to the doctor I went yesterday. And home again I came with two different inhalers, a strong antibiotic, and a bottle codeine laced cough syrup. When I take cough syrup IMMEDIATELY upon entering my home, and look forward to taking it again here soon, then I’m one, sick puppy. I DID go back to school today–kids had to be reviewed for a test. But I was cronky about it. No codeine during the school day. . .combining that with a drive of 35 miles is NOT good.

Victoria was home today with fever and a cough and a runny nose. Thad now has some red-rimmed eyes, a sneeze, and purple shadows under his lower lids. We must, must, must keep Tony healthy as he has his OWN situation with which to deal next Wednesday, and I must be healthy to play nurse.

I may bathe the entire house in Lysol just for good measure.

I have a cold.

It began somewhere around the end of 5th period on Wednesday. I came home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and hit the couch. It has now dropped into my lungs which is where my colds normally settle. I am trying to exhaust myself so that my hacking cough does not wake me up when I finally go to bed.

I ALSO finished this book tonight. It was very, very hard to sort of sink into it like I did all of her others, but I found it to be well worth the persistence.

And for kicks, I googled “pink confetti images” just to see what happiness I could find, and found THIS.

Alas, they are out of the rainbow soap pop, or Victoria would get one in her stocking.

Time to hie myself to bed and hope the exhaustion tactic works.