I have a friend. His name is David. He has known me since I was about 12. And obnoxious. And loud. And emotional. Wait. . .am I still 12???? No. Seriously. David Mathews was my Bible teacher in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades at the little school where Sarah and I attended. He had an …

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The children enacting a poster they have seen (since babyhood in their Aunt Lisa's house) of Ren and Stimpy. Now, mind you, they have never WATCHED Ren and Stimpy much as they have never watched Sponge Bob Square Pants or a myriad of other "cartoons." But this seems to have stuck. They are wearing Blue …

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A day late: Resolutions for an odd year

I don't really CARE for odd numbers. . .and 2011 is ODD, people. Although I SHOULD have taken full advantage of the auspiciousness of yesterday in it's even oddness. 1/1/11. All odd numbers, but an even amount of them. Yes. I am weird. So are you. Remember--I KNOW you people and your particular oddities, and …

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