A day late: Resolutions for an odd year

I don’t really CARE for odd numbers. . .and 2011 is ODD, people. Although I SHOULD have taken full advantage of the auspiciousness of yesterday in it’s even oddness. 1/1/11. All odd numbers, but an even amount of them.

Yes. I am weird. So are you. Remember–I KNOW you people and your particular oddities, and I love you anyway. Even if you were born in an odd month on an odd day in an odd year. . .for INSTANCE, 9/17/1969. That was a WONDERFUL day. . .but it’s all odd. I’m only partially odd. 8/2/1969.

Why, why, why all the useless drivel regarding numerology? Well, I am setting myself some resolutions, and I’m already a day late. That being said, my resolutions include the following. Mind that this is more of a BRAINSTORMING list than a TO DO list as I am RESOLVED to making a list of resolutions, but only INTEND to TRY to keep the resolutions.

Yoda would be giving me an earful right about now.

1. Read SOMETHING from my Bible every day. Even if it’s just one verse.

2. Write SOMETHING every day: blog post, letter, quotation, thought, etc.

3. Move every day. This does NOT include school teaching. This DOES include grocery shopping. That is quite a workout, let me TELL you. I’d rather do yoga or walk, however, moving is moving. So. Move I will. Even if it’s just once up and down the road.

4. Be kind to people every day. This includes being kind to ME.

So far today, I’m ¾. Oddly even. (And I have NO IDEA why my list is hyperlinked to Yoda, except that he is using The Force. I am going to be kind to myself, and quite trying to fix it. I will LET IT BE.)

Happy New Year from me to you.

My little family at my in-laws 50th anniversary dinner.


7 thoughts on “A day late: Resolutions for an odd year

  1. I haven’t officially written my resolutions/ goals, but of course they are similar. Yes, be kind, especially to you.

    Did you know that 2011 is a prime number, too?

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