From the bathroom--still sunny, but not for long

I was SUPPOSED to write a very important document today. Alas, I spent four hours in my classroom, 2 1/2 hours grocery shopping, and I wrote captions for these photos. I was nice to myself by eating a salad for dinner and I was nice to my family by feeding them chicken fajitas. I moved. I wrote. I was pleasant (fill in Ouiser Boudreau’s line from Steel Magnolias if you can). Time for Bible and bed in THIS LOVELY BEDROOM. 🙂 It is now clean–and very much as I want it to be. My closet is another story. . .and for some reason a few of the photos are looking a little blurred–click on them to clear ’em up.

From the door--sunny January morning

Photos I changed to black and white--Tony and me with Victoria the summer she was two, and the kids playing in the water at Galveston. Frames--FOREVER old--plastic--cheap. . .but perfect.

Bathroom window. . .SOME DAY when my sister tears down my grandparent's old home, I will get a window pane from there and hang it right in the big middle of my picture window.
Rose dishes belonged to Granny and were in her guest room FOREVER, dried flowers were a Mother's Day gift in 2008, pitcher was a Crate and Barrel mark down, dresser scarf from Carolyn made in Italy
Lamp from Carolyn--belonged to her mother's friend, Sadie circa WWII, table was Granny's, table cloth from Carolyn.
Small glass dish is a Valentine's day gift from Tony long ago, little pitcher with violets belonged to Granny
Now with *FLASH*
At night. . .isn't that pretty?
I took out the sort of gray/green/black/gold floral thing that was in here and replaced it with some toile scrapbooking paper. There are TWO.
Chair we got for next to nothing, and the kiddos--Victoria was 5, Thad was 2, and those are some Southern Living at Home distressed dealy-boppers

5 thoughts on “Boudoir

  1. rebecca

    SO, so pretty!! You have amazing talent. Also, my great grandmother had those exact same lamps, only with the palest pink roses, to match everything else in her house. 🙂

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